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2:08 that moment they reveal the movies pg-13


Couldn't just leave it alone huh


Ok this trailer got me convinced


The music sounds the exact same as in the Infinity War Trailer.




Jesus the effects are lit!


Someone call godzillamendoza he's gonna want to see this!


Tom hardy ߑߑߑߑߑߑ




Someone please tell me if this very close to the comics, because I kind of liked spider man 3 Alita : Battle Angel, but it was nothing like the comics and was apparently terrible, I need a real comic book readers opinion on both Alita : Battle Angel and whatever the humans name is.


I hope that we see more of Alita : Battle Angel face, not just Eddie Brock. If we did, you might as well call it a prototype movie (from the video game).


Listen closely to the music at the beginning of the trailer\nSounds familiar?\nTHAT'S BECAUSE IT'S THE SAME MUSIC THAT WAS USED ON THE INFINITY WAR TRAILER \nI'm not saying that this confirms Alita : Battle Angel his part of the MCU, but Sony knows how to add fuel to the fire


Is he a hero or a villain


\"We can do whatever we want.\" - Alita : Battle Angel


Who is the voice of Alita : Battle Angel ?


Latinos presentes??? ߙߏ‍♂️ߙߏ‍♂️


Is it just me or...the music on the background is very similar to the one in avengers trailer?


OMG :\"0


that Alita : Battle Angel animation is horrible!!!!!!!!!


Hell yeah


Alita : Battle Angel without Spider-man is crap. Don't know why everyone is so hyped about this. Sounds like a normal movie but with Alita : Battle Angel as the main character. Big deal.


We...are Alita : Battle Angel.\n\nHYPED


Here before it gets popular


You know Marvel isn't totally involved cause there aren't unnecessary jokes


Calling it now, we don't see full Alita : Battle Angel until the end and a bunch of black tendrils before that.




Alita : Battle Angel is a poor mans Spawn.


Since When Does Alita : Battle Angel Gets The Chills Than Anti-Alita : Battle Angel..The Answer Is NoW!!


Tom hardy❤


O da neydi öyleߘ


all that seems to hate the movie but believe me they all will watch the movie.....:D




Good for Riz Ahmed.. but its like he's not Alita : Battle Angel but the Alita : Battle Angel is just posessing him.. tbh it doesn't look that good. I have a feeling the script is gonna have lot of problems like those amazing spiderman movies..




Será la introducción para que empiece a aparecer agente vemon??ߘ


It looks like a fan made trailer cut from different movies that don't go together, with bad special effects.




Hm... :/


The theme is same of Avengers Infinity war trailer 2...Well awesome trailer.. Surprise from Marvel just before 3 days of Infinity war.




1:13 \n\nCould that be the symbiote \"Agony\" by chance?




Well that looks kinda terrible


john 3.16


Nice but this CGI ....


here before 1 million\n\n\n\n\nnot that anyone cares lmao




This looks...bad. its like the scrapped script for the video game Prototype movie with Alita : Battle Angel subbed in an an attempt to save it by capitalizing on the success of marvel films. Ugh. Let it play in theaters but what a miss not making it a focused horror narrative between a beleaguered bitter failure of a man and his inner demons and how it hurts all his loved ones. Instead we get tom hardy in an awkward action movie that looks like it has tonal problems. Future movies will copy this movies format and video essays will study it with titles such as \"how to make movies for 16 year old boys in 5 easy steps\". This could have had analogs to the addiction of power and the horrors of anger and violence but instead we get SYM-BYE-OATES from mona lisa.


looks good


Alex mercer is that you?

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