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I didn't like the idea of Sony doing that and the movie still doesn't give much hope, but the suit ߑߑ it's perfect


When they said tom hardy was Alita : Battle Angel I hated it, but after seeing the official trailer!! I still hate it... another comic movie adaptation FLOP... CANT WAIT FOR AVENGERS!:I


So basically Alita : Battle Angel is prototype.


We are Alita : Battle Angel not fucking eric Forman


How is this gonna play with infinity wars


Why does Alita : Battle Angel look like something I can watch on scyfy channel. Way to invest all your money on a big star and be chinsy on the effects. We think this movie is going to suck.


Can’t wait


Spiderman vs Alita : Battle Angel vs carnage


cliché cliché




Trailer was venemous


But I thought we were groot


ok now thats mafuckin Alita : Battle Angel WOOOOO JAJAJA


Alita : Battle Angelߘ we are Alita : Battle Angel




Yes our second movie trailer is out we can't wait for our movie to be Movie to be released.


We got the real Alita : Battle Angel, now we just need Carnage


Alita : Battle Angel makes Hulk look like a tooth pick


OMG this will be epic!!! <3 can't wait <3


I was here before 10M


Sim-bye-oat? It’s pronounced Sim-bee-it


Oh God, that dialogue just sounds horrendous, but the design for Alita : Battle Angel is awesome


That skinny guy scene 59-1:02 looks like carnage. Because 2 symbiotes are contained


Can’t wait to potentially see Carnage or Anti-Alita : Battle Angel as an antagonist


Dang 6million views


Tom Hardi ߑ


And HyperBeasts are ready too


venhoninhu equistremi


Hhmmmm.... not bad, but for some reason it looks like a B - movie. And WTF is up with ANTI-HERO? Whay cant he just be a Villain?


This is gonna be fuckin DOPE!!!


Why is Alita : Battle Angel a good guy?


what the hell..? is that tom hardy?\nhe was bane


?cuando la estrenan en la Cdmx?


I hope it's awesome. Sony hasn't had a good reputation for making good movies long overdue, and I feel the same about their upcoming Slenderman movie. WAAAAAAY OVERDUE, but hopefully they're good.


This. Movie looks so badass


I still don’t know how I feel about Spider-Man not making an appearance


guess a Alita : Battle Angel movie gonna actually happen but seriously, 'we r Alita : Battle Angel', gonna copy ermac now


That girls pronunciation of symbiote is really hurting me


Symbiote: Take my hand, Topher.\n\nTopher Grace: No Symbiote...we are Alita : Battle Angel no more...


it looks to generic


Cant wait to see spiderman fighting tom hardyߑߔߔ


Inbielivable is great the transormetion is amazing


Tom hardy, the only reason to see this movie


I am groot\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nOops sorry wrong movie


Alita : Battle Angel without Spider-Man ...does that any make sense..


I am hyped.


ߘߘߘߘߘ its Alita : Battle Angel


Wasnt this supposed to be a horror movie?


Well, likely is going to not be as good as the trailer. But bruh it's Tom freakin Hardy.


I loved the trailer

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