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Lorsqu’Alita se réveille sans aucun souvenir de qui elle est, dans un futur qu’elle ne reconnaît pas, elle est accueillie par Ido, un médecin qui comprend que derrière ce corps de cyborg abandonné, se cache une jeune femme au passé extraordinaire. Ce n’est que lorsque les forces dangereuses et corrompues qui gèrent la ville d’Iron City se lancent à sa poursuite qu’Alita découvre la clé de son passé - elle a des capacités de combat uniques, que ceux qui détiennent le pouvoir veulent absolument maîtriser. Si elle réussit à leur échapper, elle pourrait sauver ses amis, sa famille, et le monde qu’elle a appris à aimer.

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Basic! Tom Hardy i thought you were better than this




This is Gonna be the best anti hero movie Marvel has ever created..!!!!\n\n#Exited


I hope the main character won’t tarnish the movie. He seems very whimpy to have Alita : Battle Angel as the host of his body. Cool idea but I’d rather have Alita : Battle Angel be in his true form the whole time.


This remings me of hulk


Oh my God, Jenny Slate! I did not expect to see her here!




Se o trailer ta ruim imagina o filme..kkkkkkk


Um Def Not'-'


When is it out


Alita : Battle Angel Extreme e o para pan pan pan pan pan...


Hop this is not rated R


If you listen...does the music in this sound familiar to the 2nd trailer to the avengers infinity war? Or is it just coincidence??


1:03 Carnage, callin' it. This dude is giving this psycho a differemt Simbyote (Carnage) to kill Eddy (Alita : Battle Angel)


This comment section is really toxic




I'm still waiting on a new Spawn movie but this will do!


inserts comment




First time i hear/see about this movie.why does this trailer have so many views? Was it good promoted or is it indeed a good movie?


Who thinks this is canon?


Does nobody get the feeling this movie should have been called \"Prototype instead...? XD\n\nApart from when he actually turns into Alita : Battle Angel, it mostly reminds me of Alex from Prototype


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


My dream finally came true!


I think there is more than one Alita : Battle Angel like if you think I'm right




Either this movie is going to be complete trash or a really good film on par with Logan.


We are Alita : Battle Angel


2:19 anyone else thought that was satisfying? Anyone?


Even though we may not see Alita : Battle Angel in his full form most of the movie I can tell it is still going to be sick.


Algum brasileiro? Kk




¿Qué hace esto en tendencias?


2:23 still not as jacked as Alita : Battle Angel should be, but better than Topher Grace. Finally.


Quem é o vilão nesse filme ???


this looks sweet


Looks awesome


2:19 I've repeated this like a thousand times


Should I be happy or angry probably both I don’t know what to think


Ok this caught my eye


So Alita : Battle Angel becomes a good guy?


2nd meme wave here it comes


Where is Spider-Man


I fucking love the band Alita : Battle Angel!


Alita : Battle Angel: \"WHERE ARE YOUU LITTLE SPIDER MAN\"....ߘߘ


Why are dc movies so dark


Oh, so this IS a thing. Seems cool. I hope its funny like Deadpool.




Primer película dedicada a un anti heroe, esto debería de considerarse un progreso weon.


The music was taken right from the Infinity War trailer but altered a little bit, wtf

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