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Basic! Tom Hardy i thought you were better than this




This is Gonna be the best anti hero movie Marvel has ever created..!!!!\n\n#Exited


I hope the main character won’t tarnish the movie. He seems very whimpy to have Alita : Battle Angel as the host of his body. Cool idea but I’d rather have Alita : Battle Angel be in his true form the whole time.


This remings me of hulk


Oh my God, Jenny Slate! I did not expect to see her here!




Se o trailer ta ruim imagina o filme..kkkkkkk


Um Def Not'-'


When is it out


Alita : Battle Angel Extreme e o para pan pan pan pan pan...


Hop this is not rated R


If you listen...does the music in this sound familiar to the 2nd trailer to the avengers infinity war? Or is it just coincidence??


1:03 Carnage, callin' it. This dude is giving this psycho a differemt Simbyote (Carnage) to kill Eddy (Alita : Battle Angel)


This comment section is really toxic




I'm still waiting on a new Spawn movie but this will do!


inserts comment




First time i hear/see about this movie.why does this trailer have so many views? Was it good promoted or is it indeed a good movie?


Who thinks this is canon?


Does nobody get the feeling this movie should have been called \"Prototype instead...? XD\n\nApart from when he actually turns into Alita : Battle Angel, it mostly reminds me of Alex from Prototype


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


My dream finally came true!


I think there is more than one Alita : Battle Angel like if you think I'm right




Either this movie is going to be complete trash or a really good film on par with Logan.


We are Alita : Battle Angel


2:19 anyone else thought that was satisfying? Anyone?


Even though we may not see Alita : Battle Angel in his full form most of the movie I can tell it is still going to be sick.


Algum brasileiro? Kk




¿Qué hace esto en tendencias?


2:23 still not as jacked as Alita : Battle Angel should be, but better than Topher Grace. Finally.


Quem é o vilão nesse filme ???


this looks sweet


Looks awesome


2:19 I've repeated this like a thousand times


Should I be happy or angry probably both I don’t know what to think


Ok this caught my eye


So Alita : Battle Angel becomes a good guy?


2nd meme wave here it comes


Where is Spider-Man


I fucking love the band Alita : Battle Angel!


Alita : Battle Angel: \"WHERE ARE YOUU LITTLE SPIDER MAN\"....ߘߘ


Why are dc movies so dark


Oh, so this IS a thing. Seems cool. I hope its funny like Deadpool.




Primer película dedicada a un anti heroe, esto debería de considerarse un progreso weon.


The music was taken right from the Infinity War trailer but altered a little bit, wtf

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