Alita : Battle Angel 2019

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Oh god yes!!!!!!


This is gold......


Напомнило игру Prototype


Yes yes yes yessssssss


He's a big guy.




Why does Tom Hardy sound like a drunk child? ߘߘ


Why is he wearing clothes not torn?)))


1:50 That voice reminds me of someone... It's on the tip of my blunt.






Holy........ I mean unholy....... This is sumthin else....


Why would we do that! Best line from the trailer


It's not good enough for you Sony to screw up Alita : Battle Angel's origin just one time. No, you have to do it twice. Congratulations.


That is a really good Alita : Battle Angel design. I'm not even mad rn


#WEAREAlita : Battle Angel


Amazing Alita : Battle Angel just amazing


sad Tom Holland wont be able to work with Tom Hardy


We.... \n\n\n\n\nAre impressed.


Deez nuts


Waiting for this☺




Vai lançar quando?


The ONLY reason i am going to watch this movie is cause of Tom Hardy.


Spiderman and Green goblin beat him so yeah lol


Sony filha da puta que filme fodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa




We need spiderman


Bc kya hai ye... maja aa gaya




At 2:23, I imagined Alita : Battle Angel breaking that poor man's spine or he bit his FREAKIN' head clean off.




V....are Alita : Battle Angel ...goosebumps




\"we are Alita : Battle Angel\"\ncommunism intensifies


I want Carnage in this movie. Make it happen!


wht about carnage ??ߘߘ


It looks alright


\"We, are Alita : Battle Angel.\"


Total flop and boring and waste of time movie....... Waste of money, nothing good.....


Now that's Alita : Battle Angel ߘ


Riz Ahmed!!! ❤


1:47 the comic book Eddie Brock wouldn't care about hurting anyone. This doesn't feel the same


0:42 Panasonic?


iske maa ka ye kya bna dala


Я налажил


How to cook 40 humans


So , he is a hero? Not a enemy of spiderman anymore?


The film is full of bullshit


добрый трейлер

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    Alita : Battle Angel

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