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Lorsqu’Alita se réveille sans aucun souvenir de qui elle est, dans un futur qu’elle ne reconnaît pas, elle est accueillie par Ido, un médecin qui comprend que derrière ce corps de cyborg abandonné, se cache une jeune femme au passé extraordinaire. Ce n’est que lorsque les forces dangereuses et corrompues qui gèrent la ville d’Iron City se lancent à sa poursuite qu’Alita découvre la clé de son passé - elle a des capacités de combat uniques, que ceux qui détiennent le pouvoir veulent absolument maîtriser. Si elle réussit à leur échapper, elle pourrait sauver ses amis, sa famille, et le monde qu’elle a appris à aimer.

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2 and a half minutes and its already better than Spiderman 3.




This whold be a perfect villan fot the MCU


I got a very robocop trailer feel to it. Not sure how I feel yet


Now that's a Alita : Battle Angel trailer


Uma pena teve Poster no final..


2:17 The game will never be the same...


is that the black spiderman


We are using our made up names? Then we are Alita : Battle Angel.


I liked the teaser more honestly maybe because of the tone.




One of my favorite villians ߘߘߒߒ We Are Alita : Battle Angel ߘߘ


Why does she pronounce symbiote like that? Did that bother anyone else?


Cade os viado pra legendar issai ow


Alita : Battle Angel is 6 months late or he wud hav helped fight Thanosߘ


If they were going to make a story that had absolutely nothing to do with the comic backstory or characters, why even bother calling it Alita : Battle Angel?


THAT IS HOW YOU DO A Alita : Battle Angel MOVIE


Oh my god ߘ childhood memories are back... Can't wait to see this that tooo tom hardy in it ߘ


Oh Jesus


I'm still waiting for Sam Raimi to make Spider-Man 4.


Se inscreve no meu canal galera de coração❤


This gained 1 million views an hour and is at 9 million views. How is this not on trending in The US?


комиксы для хуесосов и даунов 12 летних, как и этоэи шлакофильмы по ним


As hesitant I am, I think Sony has got the guts to create a different kind of superhero comic movie, not the usual hero vs villain. But a horror oriented violent action thriller and for that reason I am excited and if it's a hit we can crossover it with Spiderman of the MCU


10,000,000 views in 9 hours, isn't on trending.


I was kind of worried this looked generic, till I heard Spiderman PS1 Alita : Battle Angel. I've got some high hopes now.\nDon't mess this up, Sony!


This is the best costume i have EVER seen.


Кто такой Венум, я прост не шарю?


i seen him in spiderman


I honestly don’t know how I feel about this




oh yeah!


“You should be extremely afraid” ߤ


Spider-Man looks dope


Meh, doesn't look that good. I'll wait for it to get in the redbox and rent it for a buck or 2\n\nEdit: here before trending ,)


WE ARE Alita : Battle Angel \nHeavy breathing intensifies ߘߘ


OMG THIS Alita : Battle Angel IS LIT ߘߘߘߔߔߔߔߔߔ




#weareAlita : Battle Angel


hope carnage makes a cameo


Este actor da la talla a mejores papeles...


The surprise of the trailer on the thumbnail ? Sony...


Ahh......Yea looks good...


Eat your heart out, Topher Grace.


The bad side of SpiderMan :


A new addition to AVENGERS is all I could say.


Больше на игру прототип похож, чем на венома


Still not going to watch in Cinema. Looks like crap.


I hate trailers before trailers. It's stupid. On a side note, this movie looks decent.



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