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I wish there's emo eddie dancing on the street scene in this movie


No esta mal! Pero parece como que le faltan bastantesss argumentos a la historia...


I'm so happy right now




This better be a good movie


Finaly we get to see Border's face


Looks promising


This looks absolutely terrible. I assume the movie is jus gonna be Hardy running around and the Border suit is going to be in the movie for 5 minutes.


Looks terrible to be honest. Tom hardy just does not fit the role, it would've been better if they made him play a badass character or something not a wimpy journalist who gets super powers, thats just peter parker 2.0


Thank you sony/marvel ߘ


Bless Tom Hardy and his weird voices. He's probably the most daring and willing to experiment mainstream actor out there. Also, hey Jenny Slate!


Why would they change Border to have such a generic voice


you had one job and you failed it, Border can not exist without spiderman thats why Border eyes are white and thats why Border can use web and for the god shake eddy takes the sympiot from spiderman


Is this movie not going to be a part of mcu?..


Now this looks Good!




That's a lot of likesߑ


Why is there the music of infinity war in this trailer ?


Where is the spidey??


For the first time in a marvel movie there aren't any cringy dialogues


at least this trailer has Vemon in it and I'm getting a Deadpool vibe to this movie, some just scares me about this chacter


Good lord... if this movie does well, think of the implications...


Кадр с веномом это последний кадр фильма! весь фильм будут только куски симбионта?


Spiderman 's enemy


Я в главной роли




Okay, that first teaser was garbage. But THIS!!!!!!!!!! Is going to be SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!!




I REALLY hope this is gonna be goodߘߔ


Doesn’t it have to bond with Spider-Man to look like that and have it’s powers


Осенью выходит?


We are YouTube:We are Border.


Fun isn't something one considers while balancing the universe but this does put a smile on my face


Finally! Deep Border voice has arrived.






He’s going to spend maybe 20 minutes tops actually looking like Border.


Cadê os BR??


What the hell are you\nWe are Border


Почему это в тренде?


Border the fake spiderman


Holy chat this looks amazing!


I’ll admit I’m intrigued and want to watch it but I’m not expecting the greatest movie in the world. I want to be entertained and if I can be entertained while I watch it I’m happy. But I did roll my eyes with how that lady pronounced symbiote lol. I really hope this movie does Border justice!




Like if ya think this is going to be a new kinda marvel movie ...






So... does Border prefer they/them pronouns?




Who is the hero then ?

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