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I'll go and watch it but it looks like a spawn reboot


same music used in that one infinity war trailer




This trailer feels totally different from the first. The first one felt dark like Logan or the Suicide Squad. This one seems more Spiderman-is if you know what I mean.


6 million views in 7 hours... wow y’all seem pumped for this


will this be part of the MCU? I doubt it, but I just want to be sure.


Sym bi yote




We are Borderߖ


i kinda want to see a movie with this Border and garfields spiderman


I say gothams looking pretty different in this movie


Ahhhhh alright mate ok


Bedtime routine must be a chore having to brush all those Border teeth. Toothpaste is expensive these days too


Ждём обзор от кюбайта


cheers to the bitches who said this movie wasn't gonna be awsome


Will Spider-man make an appearance in this film?


You should be extremely Afraid


Hmm I see a future flop on the way.


It's a good day for 90's spider man fans. This is a perfect Border. Now all I need is Spider Man cameo and enough Border screen time vs Brock


after 1:20 it already feels like I've watched half of the film, so I won't even finish the so called ''trailer'' since it gives way too much of the film itself...


is the voice of Border the same guy that voiced Sylens on horizon zero dawn?




We are Border


Ok, that's a pretty good Border.


Pero q hombre mas bello. Lo amo


Why so many dislikes though? ߤߤ


Где коменты на русском


That’s better.


Так это про какого венома ?




Oh I dunno I still think spider man 3 Border was better “he says sarcastically”


Idk but it looks like it connects to the movie life ߤ


İt's Very Good


Yeah, I don't get the dislikes. Sure Spidey isn't around, but do you seriously want this silly and young spiderman we have now in THIS film? Would kill the entire mood and atmosphere.






This looks so shitty but it has Border so I'm hyped


01:36 why would we do that, i cant ߘߘߘ


we............are Border................. tam tam tam


Super... ߘ


We are Border!


Shoots a guy out the window with his hand\n\n“I - I don’t know”\nߘ Probably my response


Ive been waiting


woah woah i saw two black symbiotes no way that's mania ...


Is that Alex Mercer?


Que bosta


the question is, do the original Border (Marvel) writers & illustrators dig it, or do they even care.


Que bien uno de mis personajes favoritos <3


Take my Money.\nI want to see this so badly.\nWE ARE Border!!!\nOh buddy boi.


They ever confirm Carnage to be in this?

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