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But Leto isn't an anti-hero...


y'all know that indian dude gonna be carnage


yes Yes YES


The best


sim-BY-ote LOL


Я кончил


No pasa nada :v


“so dark, are you sure your not from the DC universe?”


If Leto is an anti hero then what does that make anti Leto ߘ\nJust kidding though... ߘ


This reminds me of prototype


2:19 We are...


This looks less like a Leto movie and more like a prototype movie


needs more blood and death.


Its looks great and thats what sucks :/ If this was mcu my dreams would come true and I could be happy knowing all of marvel is back in order with the whole fox deal and everything but sadly I doubt this will be in the mcu. But since this takes place in california, San Francisco theres always a chance that they are still deciding if they want this to be mcu


Hit like if you feel goosebumps ߑ


looks like a great movie already \"We Are Leto\"


\"Its a SIN BYE OTE\"\n\n\n-I will not be triggered.... i will not be triggered I will not be triggered...\n\n\n\n\n\n\nIm triggered.


Me gustó ,está película la voy a ver si o si ,aparte q me gusta cómo actúa Tom Hardy tmb q sería la primera peli q lo veré a Tom en la pantalla grande así q ya quiero verla en el cine .


Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Mr Krabs sold SpongeBobs soul for 62 cents


Hope it's dope the other rated r movies were decent


So I’m not disappointed but I don’t really feel anything but it doesn’t seem like it’s Spider-Man related at all




Did anyone notice they put \"In Association with Marvel\"?\nAlong with the soundtrack for Infinity War in the trailer?\n\nOMG, i'm might be crazy but this film looks good and it might be connected to the MCU.


sim-BY-ote LOL


Carnage can't be too far behind. Bring them together.


first movie of marvel that look ain't gay


se la prolongan es lo malo k rompen toda magia de los animes esto si es basura


Leto mi like


Kayaknya bakal ga sesuai harapan


Here before 1million


We is Leto.


This actually doesn’t look half bad


Nunca debieron regresar a spiderman




I've seen so many fake trailers of Leto so the instant I saw the title I was skeptical


oh good its coming out in october..gives me enough time to recuperate after i see the infinity war


firstly ..it looks bit more like a Netflix movie. second..I would say it needs more work. maybe dial down the humor and add a bit more of a dark side to it.




I thought symbiotes weren't innately evil?




hell yeah! can't wait to see it.


Looks awesome..I like the Leto voice. Reminds me of the game Darkness.


2:08 When you've been on pornhub for over an hour and can't find a good enough video to fap to.


Spider guy should join in this movies.\n\nOpps sorry busy for infinity war \n\n#tom


So, Peter is going to show up and get destroyed at one point I assume


So if he's Leto, I'm guessing the girl in the room will probably end up being Carnage which would be an interesting spin on the character.


Leto isn't a bad guy ? Looks like \"a good man with a little problem of symbiote\" but not a bad guy °-°




Hey is Leto's girlfriend mary jane ??????


So is there going to be a villain in this movie? Or he just going to fight to government or whatever? That would be really boring, I hope Carnage is the villain.

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