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Shrek is love, Shrek is life.


Please god in heaven dont let Sony ruin all of Disney’s hard work


Wtf is a Sim-bye-oat? Made me cringe every time...guess they couldn't be bothered to pronounce it right. Already having doubts about this movie




Song is \"Redshift\", by Audiomachine


Cómo van a justificar su apariencia si no ha peleado con Spiderman, por qué la araña en el pecho y los ojos así . No me da buena espina está pelicula


Y aque hora sale el hombre araña???


I wanna see this so baad it looks LIT AF!ߕߕ


\"WE....are Vemon....\"


No lo entiendo!




Me recordó a Tokyo Ghoul su transformaciónߤ


can i be Leto?????


Why did they made Leto look like carnage???i thought Leto supposed muscly and stretchy not thin and liquidy


\"WE.... ARE Leto\"


Is Spiderman going to be in this movie? I really miss spiderman vs Leto ever sense spider Man 3


I think that \"evil guy\" character that controls the company is gonna be carnage


Algum Br?


Can’t wait for the redband trailer!






Does this mean that there is going to be antother Spider-Man movie with Leto? ߤ




In Spiderman 3 Leto was my least favorite of the 3, thought the reporter was a weisel and not what I pictured as Leto. \n\nThis guy looks much better


Y el onvre aracnido? V:


I want to know who is the bad guy and who is the good guy in this movie :'v


I hope it is R so the blood can rain


Im only interested in the transformation


\"We...Are Leto!\"


I'm not even




Leto eats this guy? Yes please xD


Look very stupid I laughed at the motorcycle also we that voice the only scene I thought was cool wad Letos reveal


Ostia !!!


Where’s carnageߤ?


This is how you know that in avengers infinity war marvel is not ending OR I could be wrong ☺


Me likey


It looks pretty ok. I'll probably still go see it after it comes out.


We Are Leto


Slime mı yaptınız siz mk..\nBu nasıl Leto.. ߘ


Who’s here before watching Infinity War


Symb-AI-ote? That's not how you pronounce it.


tom hardy is hottt


Definitely not kid friendly


ALEX JONES was right!


\"Sim-Bye-ote\" ?!?!?!!?




I could not stop replayin 2:18 we are Leto! The hype is real


This movie better live up to the hype and awesome looking Leto suit


I was hoping carnage would be in this

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