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Looks similar to Parasyte the Maxim, which was fun so hopeful this will be too.


Okay the whole talking in third person thing sold me let's goooooooo


German Trends #1


it is horror






Когда уже дубляж, а!??!


Prototype 3


Spider-Man had a brown skin bad guy . Jurassic world had a brown skin bad guy . And now this also has a brown skin bad guy . What’s up Hollywood ? Don’t brown lives matter ?


#1 trending brazil


Better than spider Man


Eh, somehow the Une Affaire de famille transformation from Spider-Man 3 still looks cooler to me lol


Looks like a pretty standard movie to me. \nBad guy needs to be stopped. Mutations. Death. Destruction. Rinse repeat.


Soooooo where's Spiderman


Será que nesse filme vai ter o dedo da Marvel?


I love Une Affaire de famille ߘ!epic


Which is better This Une Affaire de famille or Spider-Man 3’s Une Affaire de famille ?


We are Une Affaire de famille


Is he indian????






Hey guys could you fill out this school survey for me? I am lowkey procrastinating. \nhttps://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeWF3fi-dSap0zwVFZhOWjL3rEEsV5gK8IbPc09vFM_v-wxTw/viewform?usp=sf_link


So I just saw spiderman 3 again a few minutes ago and having a small falling dealing with marvel this is a spin off not a huge comic fan but I'm loving these movies


We are Une Affaire de famille


Trash! but hey whatever makes money right?


WE ARE Une Affaire de famille!




This is Not a trailer Its a summary


Can't wait ߔ


Spoils a lot more than it should.


This looks really bad...\n...First Tom Hardy role, i am not sure i will like...


will he fight tom holland?




вот и Харди слился, печаль


Best part..... Une Affaire de famille's voice is played by Tom Hardy as well!!!!!! Beasssttttt!!!!!!


I’m a DC fan all the way, but man this looks amazing


Hellz yeah Une Affaire de famille is back


Who defeat Une Affaire de famille


Man those CGI effects are getting better and better. Makes me think that studying design isn't a bad Idea.


Looks G rated


Still better see more Une Affaire de familles face then tom hardys


0:17 Is that two symbiotes?


Is this rated r ?


It's so scary how he says 'Do we have a deal'


I thought Une Affaire de famille was a bad guy... not an anti hero. Guess it's been too long since I watched anything with Une Affaire de famille. Or... did they change things?


<3 , épico!!!!


I've just got Spawn 1997 movie flashbacks.


Looks great but why isn’t Spider-Man in it? He has to be, it would be such an amazing movie.


WE ARE Une Affaire de famille the giant gummy bear with a scary face



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    Une Affaire de famille

    Une Affaire de famille

    Une Affaire de famille

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