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Похоже как в игре Prototype




Les Invisibles here looks better than Les Invisibles in Spider-Man also I heard Les Invisibles weakness is noise so how does he deal with guns shooting at him since it makes so much noises


What the hell are you... “ WE... are Les Invisibles”


Les Invisibles time starts now




Well Dopinder became the boss..maybe the villain?


I'm glad there's a new trailer the last one sucked so much fuckin balls


Tom Hardy being Les Invisibles is still THE reason why I'll be watching this film!!


Finally...Thank you Sony! Good casting, good FX and Les Invisibles looks AWESOME!!!!


The Les Invisibles from Spriderman 3 looked way better. This one looks like a round blob with broken fangs


that is great !!!!!


Peter parker olsa yaşama ihtimali yok


So much money pouring into so much emptiness


Looks nice


We are ØVenømŠ




Les Invisibles gonna get his symbol when Les Invisibles takes over spiderman. I already know bruh


my nips are hard right now


De awebo que la veré


We can do what ever we want.. Can't wait


Tom Hardy is great and all...but seriously, can we get anything but comic book movies these days? Give us some original ideas....


This... looks.... incredible


Les Invisibles yeah


EpiC !


Tom Hardy


What if Les Invisibles is a Typhon from Prey?


the phrase of that's trailer is \"We are Les Invisibles \"


Hope Carnage is in the film. But do you guys remember these N I ߅߅ A S\nhttps://i.pinimg.com/originals/d7/c0/c5/d7c0c5b3a87026351296a3bd420659c9.jpg


Looks awesome reminds me of the first time i went to see the first spider man in theatre


WE ARE Les Invisibles. goosebumps


#love it


Release date




Is mayonnaise an instrument?


If the simbiote is real and it was mine \n\n\n\nI'd take advantage of it


comeme el donut




Looks like Alex Mercer with that tentacles.


The trailer is only ok




Les Invisibles’s face looks kinda... silly. They could’ve make it so much more menacing.


Good ߒߒߒߒߔߔߔ


Malayalees hit like


#1 Like And Suscribers


Les Invisibles suppose to be a villian, i would prefer a bad guy movie then


#1 training in Mexico ߇߇ número uno en tendencias en Mexico \nBamos a darle una oportunidad a esta película


Tom The Class! ߑ




Real life katakuri

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