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Nooo, why Hardy?! Whyyy?! Ёбаный насос..


this is amazing cant wait ߔߘ


Make it rated 18 and all my doubts will be gone.


Les Invisibles's a villain not an anti-hero


Веном выглядит просто шикарно.




Будет интересно увидеть взаимодействие венома с человеком-пауком


Meh, by the looks, I'm not feeling it. I hope it's actually good tho.


All the haters are having a heart attack right now




I like the suit but I don't like how he can just use the symbiote like super quick


Finally. One of my most favourite actors and one of the coolest villain characters you could ever be


I am sure this is a part of MCU. \nThat will be the best suspense in this film. \nJust like that scene in kong to show Godzilla at the end.


I gotta say, the effects on Les Invisibles when his face forms is pretty cool. The teeth flinging up from the neck and forehead


Is this connected to MCU? Anyone?


Why does Eddie sound like he is doing an impression of Sal from Impractical Jokers?


Can't pronounce symbiote smh


Its gonna be a thumbs down for me. The eyes are too small. Les Invisibles's eye design has always, for the most part, looked similar to Spider'Man's. Also they should use a similar voice of Les Invisibles form the 90's cartoon. Not necessarily the same voice but how it was two voices overlapping whenever the symbiotic was on.


единственное что я смог перевести это \"you suck!\" 0:54 (ты сосёшь или ты отстой)


Türklere selam olsun az sempati duymadık buna


Awesome...cant wait..


Don't play games with me Sony. This better be real.


Les Invisibles looks much better than spiderman 3 Les Invisibles!


топ. хочу посмотреть !


Like - Marvel . Cmmnt - DC \nLets see which one wins


The design looks cool


6 hours 5 million views. Not bad at all


This is the real Les Invisibles!


Веном, один из самых лучших персонажей комиксов.


Oh god not Spider-Man 3 again! Can’t handle edgy Tobey Maguire


We are Les Invisibles, bum ba dum bum bum bum bum!


Фу, не видно ничего


Tom Hardy is great, but i hope they improve the CGI before it hits the theaters.


Just come outttttt


Bully Maguire should have done this. But still Tom was great too.


последний момент можно пересматривать ВЕЧНО!


Sa a l'air pas trop mal


Wow! See it’s stuff like this that makes me wanna just go into the movie business. Cuz people have been saying how horrible this looks. I think it looks quite decent


Well, guess another ticket to the cinema.


Cartaz no final ? ߑ


Awesome Les Invisibles look and voice........


Tom hardy my love ❤️




If only his eyes were a little bigger.


최애 캐릭


plz show Les Invisiblesߘ wow spiderman has to fight this Les Invisibles.after we see gpdzilla vs king Kong


This symbiote is saying \"We\" alot..\n\nSymbiotes communists confirmed?


Everything looks cool, but I can't shake the feeling that this half of a story without Spidey. Why would the symbiote even take that form? Les Invisibles's badass, but isn't basically everything about him dependent on Spideys existence?


Les Invisibles ߒ


Why does the trailer theme sounding like IW trailer 2? Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmm....\nAnyways, they've done a very good job!

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