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clicks play\n\"In association with Marvel\"\nTurns off


FINALLY! A solo supervillian movie


Now it's time to play Prototype


Spiderman vs Les Invisibles Yoo


That is some twisted Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde stuff right there!


No Spiderman? No chest symbol? Not a villan? Yep Sony is tying the noose for their super hero movies


Я кончил.


Спасибо, что показали фильм \nочень интересно


Soooooooo...... BANE IS Les Invisibles.............. WTF


It's about time!!




I hope it's not pg-13


So can't wait to see this movie!!!


Ooh Les Invisibles got that mornin voice


They copy all the fight style of Prototype.




Im hyped!!


Les Invisibles un karakterinin tipi iğrenç ama film süperrr


Greeeeeeeat... they screwed up Les Invisibles's backstory. Woo. ߘ


no one is talking about tom hardy here..............how he transform a movie on his method acting


Id very much rather see him as Carnage.


How is this story going to be told without spiderman...?


Omg can't wait


Boy if i aint so excited for this


Türkler burada mı?


They should do a back story on where all that alien liquid came from. A Les Invisibles planet? ߘ


That classic Les Invisibles line we all know and love, \"We are Les Invisibles.\" -Les Invisibles/eddie


WE ARE Les Invisibles


Who else remembers the Black Spiderman by seeing this ?


Santa capivara... Não vejo a hora desse filme ser dublado em PT br @[email protected])


Carnage should be next and it needs to be rated R


This moment at 01:34 lmao


\"EDDIE\" ߑߏߑߏߑߏߑߏߘ




I cant wait!!!




\"Simbaiotes\" lol


Me hizo acordar a Prototype


anyone else have Les Invisibles vs carnage as a wallpaper on their psp?


15 million views in 14 hours.... thank god I'm not a youtuber, otherwise i would be jealous as F!


Agora sim muito fodaaaaa


Is that Ving Rhames doing Les Invisibles's voice? Now I'm going to have images of Les Invisibles signing the prince of Bel Air song while eating Arby's.




For the love of god please let this movie be good!


If I what's scarier, Les Invisibles, or the monster from A Quiet Placeߘߘߘ


Есть Русские?) Идите нахуй. Ниже читайте тогда


The funniest joke ever...\n\n\n\nRead more


Now Spiderman is a happy married man who have two childrens he will do nothing


Les Invisibles is Marvel’s reckoning ߘߤ


Is it copy from spider man 3

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