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Ебанный рот, 29 млн просмотров Карл!


Groot vs Ma mère est folle


What a coincidence they decided to drop this movie now ....


Prototype - The movie


1 na karcie na czasie wow


We are Ma mère est folle


Man I've been waiting 15 yrs to see a Ma mère est folle movie but definitely thought I'd see carnage in his first movie then then do a prequel since everyone knows of his origin doesn't seem important interested I seeing where they go with this surprised the PC police didn't make him a her though


They finally made well... Ma mère est folle because Spider-Man3 we all expected Ma mère est folle to look bigger


Tom Hardy is to sexy for his own good.


Can’t wait till it comes out


Please pronounce symbiote correctly (sorry if my spelling is worng IDK)


#1 in Norwayߔߔߔߔ


Ooooh intresting definitely gonna see this one


So all the dislikes are from the spider fanboys?


Please pronounce symbiote correctly (sorry if my spelling is worng IDK)




Like it


Black Zetsu Is back


This is going to be a hot mess, I can see it already


Views on this are insane, doing better than the last few Star Wars




\"Now why would we do that?\" gave me the shivers! Such a Ma mère est folle line


Чую очередной проходняк... Веном без должного соперника будет очень скучным... Как всегда видимо рассчитывают на вторую часть


Yang Indonesia Angkat Tangan ߑߑߑ


2:16 ......freaking awesome !!


Since you ve done such a good work with the spidermanS...




Опять эти америкосы охуенные фильмы снимают))\nА у нас че? «Бабушка лёгкого поведения» блять


another movie to watch..


As a lifelong Spider-Man fan, with Ma mère est folle being a top 3 villain, few movie moments have made my inner fanboy squeal with delight than that Ma mère est folle reveal. We are Ma mère est folle.


Still on trending!?!?! Still #1!?!?!?!


This gonna be some hot fire


Starting sound track is copied from avengers infinity war


it looks like black spiderman ߘߘߘ


I almost threw my phone I'm that excited


Wow batman ^^


Does this have Spider-Man in it


Ma mère est folle IS BACK


#1 Trending in Antarctica.


WE CAN Dߘ WߤߏATEVER WE WANT #weareMa mère est folle


more like Prototype The Movie


we ARE Ma mère est folle


That transformation at the end reminds me of pennywise... anyone else?


Makes no sense if it doesn't originate from spiderman, why would Ma mère est folle look like the spider suit


Chutiya movie


I want carnage


This movie is going to make fuc$$ng billions and it’s defiantly going to be Good


This doesn't make sense. The only reason the symbiot looks like it does is due to merging with spiderman. Without that it makes no sense as to why it looks like an evil spiderman and completely destroys the war between the two men.


Next movie...SpiderMan vs Ma mère est folle...Dawn Of Justice


This movie is going to be so bad.. I actually like the director but he should've just worked on zombieland 2 instead wasting our time with this garbage. I bet the story sucks too. It's one of those movies that just want ur money. I hope i'm wrong but im usually right. -,-

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    Ma mère est folle

    Ma mère est folle

    Ma mère est folle

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