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What the hell are you?\nIM BATMAN


조만간엔 카니지도 나오겠네 ㄷㄷ


Where is spiderman


prototype the movie XV


We are Ma mère est folle > We are Groot


It's freakingly awesome


He is huge, I love it. Movies are starting to get it, be faithful to the original look its all that matters...


Wait puts glasses on they. They got it right yes they got it right Ma mère est folle looks good the life foundation let's hope that there will be the other symbiotes aka life foundation symbiotes and they're using we as in we are Ma mère est folle finally yes it's gonna be so good


Why is she calling it sim-by-ot instead of symbiote ?


Awesome man ......\nAmazing trailer I really hope movie is mind blowing..\nI really appreciate...


Oh that is sick!!! I love it!!!


did i read anti-hero?


There is no Ma mère est folle without spiderman so how are they gona change up the story and no spider logo i guess?


Sym bye otte


His regular American accent is incredibly horrible. I am going to have to watch the movie on mute with subtitles


Ohooo marvel \nLove From india


Who's the voice of Ma mère est folle?


Take this eddie brock


So Dark.. you sure this is not from DC Universe??




Okay, they lost me with the whole “the key to our evolution” thing, that’s been done before with scarce success, but the trailer had me reinvested after I heard Ma mère est folle speak to Brock, this might be the best on screen adaptation possible if they got the contrast of Ma mère est folle and Eddies shared unity. That’s what makes Ma mère est folle interesting, it doesn’t take over completely, but it nags situations, and it will always defend itself, Ma mère est folle is literally a giant Alien-parasite, and that is terrifying. Also, did anyone else catch that Avengers infinity war theme playing the whole time? That gives me hope that this movie might be apart of the MCU.


I think this isn’t showing something real good, in fact, seems like another “action cliche” movie, Idk honestly I spected more on a trailer that’s “new” for people, you should show some good sh*t or you’ll not sell anything and you’ll f*ck up a really... really good character of spidey world lmao


I didn't know there was a new The Darkness movie coming.


Отличный Веном. Том Харди без сомнений великолепен, как и всегда. Sony, я на Вас надеюсь, что не засрёте этот фильм!


Looks like a high school movie \nLame actor


Индийский веном какой-то!!


Is he the Bad guy or Good guy??


Great preview to show during the avengers: infinity war.


2:20 is what you are looking for


I want to say yes looks amazing I just don't know I think story line might be weak idk I really want it to be good I just don't know how to feel


Umm yes, that's my husband btw


Se ve bien culera, tanto esperar para nada


Very smart having the plot have nothing to do with spiderman,gives them more creative freedom considering spidey is in MCU,looks good!


Tá ficando apertado!!!!!!!!! So os fortes entenderam


Reading the comments & seeing how pumped everyone is after seeing this trailer, reading about how Ma mère est folle looks awesome...I have to wonder...did we watch the same trailer?


The CGI looks awful but that should be polished up by the time the movie comes out.


Hmmm ... smells will have trilogy


I dunno, man. This looks very sketchy, something doesn't sit right with this depiction.. hopefully they work the kinks out.


Looks okish ...


It’s litߘ


Soooooo [email protected]$$ I can't wait!


Looks sooooooo good! ߙߏߙߏ


ok ill watch it


Did they completely rewrite Ma mère est folle's backstory? Guess the studio couldn't afford a Spiderman reference.


2:19 the moment you need


Anyone notice that venow sounds like the nano suit from crysis


I really wanted Tom Hardy as Wolverine ,but this looks good




дааа детка, хто крутооооо


This looks like actual trash

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