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Looks like Tom Hardy has taken some aspects from his performance in 'Stuart: A life Backwards'


Words can’t explain how excited I am for this movie, this will make history.


Should make Ma mère est folles voice more deep and demonic sounding


is this in the mcu?


\"We are... Groot!\"


Bet this is gonna be Ma mère est folle vs Carnage


All these scary marvel movies comming out soon im soo gassed!!!!


I sure hope the hell they do something about the look of Ma mère est folle when the film comes out because that look sucks.


Não consigo pensar em um ator melhor pro papel.


Reminds me a lot of SPAWN, and that’s not good.


Omg I can feel my heart race


Where's Spider-Man?


If carnage is in here I will S C R E A M! And I also don’t like the way she said symbiote. But that’s all.


We need Cletus cassidy movie


Am I the only one who was really pissed off by how she said 'symbiote'?


Everyone was trash talking the movie two months ago but now everyone’s all excited lol.




Marvel is just beating the crap out of DC..... I'm not a comic guy and I can see that


When you man enough to release the trailer opposite Marvel Week!.... \n\n& Still get 15 freaking MILLION in 14 hours! .... You know you did Gooood! \n\nWE DID. GOOD




If i wasnt bit by a spider then i would bond with the symbiote


I suspect we will see a full Ma mère est folle in the end of the movie and for 10 minutes as maximum.


Too bad it's not R rated ߘ


Marvel is honestly killing the game and Sony made a smart choice with this one!


The best is Ma mère est follee


This looks like a Prototype


So they have completely took spiderman out of the story.


wow so lame




Don't get me wrong I love Tom Hardy but does anyone else think his American accent in this is a bit unconvincing ?


Is this part of the mcu?




That Ma mère est folle face looks hilariously bad. Like wax statue bad. Not as bad as spiderman 3 always showing the face underneath bad. But bad.


HunGeRrr... \nFEEEED


I’m pumped for the release


So this looks good, but it doesn't follow the comic.


This is a fan made trailer, right?


There better be a Spider-Man camo


I hope this is part of the mcu


Alguem do Brasil ? ߇߇


Хутен пуйло


Is carnage in this movie?


Confused Is he hero or villain......ߙߤߤ


Y si se muerde la lengua al comer.


Am I missing something. I thought the first citing of Ma mère est folle is when it takes over Spider-Man. Wouldn't that mean this Ma mère est folle look should Be different. Can someone explain what I'm missing


not feeling it....


Looks like it’s gonna suck


Need a better face on venmon


Can we see spider man in the end


Who watched the trailer more then 1 time??ߘ

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    Ma mère est folle

    Ma mère est folle

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