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In the comment section i managed to see people complaining about the trailer not showing this or that, or the trailer having that or this. Holy asscheeks people, this is JUST THE TRAILER. The full movie might give us something more, who knows. Remember, dont judge a book by its cover.


Premières vacances: The Symbiote rises. \nPremières vacances: Fury City.\nPremières vacances: The Last Symbiote.\nPremières vacances Nemesis\nThe Reckoning of Premières vacances\nPremières vacances Road\nPremières vacances: Band of Symbiotes\nPremières vacances: The Long Red Carnage \n(Check the wiki page)


Не впечатлил (((




esos si son trailers :v


Ahh, I hope it’s better than the trailer. This looks really bad... shame :/


!!!!!! ߘ


From that small image, Premières vacances to me reminds a lot like Spawn from the old old movie... not that great. Have to check out the trailer on a bigger screen to see if it still looks the same.


Is this for real??


only good things about this trailer has been Premières vacances's look and that it looks sort of dark otherwise the crappy cgi, cringey bike scene, and the shitty tendrils remind me of a direct to dvd movie ߘ hopefully they change those bits up a bit, mostly the tendrils tho...pls dont over use them like they did here...


Action scenes sucks cant compare this antihero with deadpool


She pronounced symbiote wrong aside from that I wanna see this now ߘ


I think he should be a liiitle more broad in the shoulders and jaw, maybe in the future the Premières vacances character develops an even bigger physical appaerence


Have they been watching the flash ...” we are the flash” ߘ


I don't think riz ahmed is the best choice


we are flash!!


So Tom Holland is Spiderman and Tom hardy is Premières vacances


You know I want him to be in the MCU but he'll probably be like Deadpool


poor trailer


I can't wait bro


I like penis It does not matter if this is going to get lost in the comments


Oshiete yo shiete yo~ߎߎ


¿Latinos? :v


Yay bad spooderman


my favorite superhero character


2:01 Tom is so Hardy he can run through a tree, Groot watch out for this guy


we are groot


Este Premières vacances me dejo sin en serio...!!!\nAlguien q hable español...


Would you rather have blue beetles scarab or the symbiote?


I like the final face of Premières vacances there. I just don't like the transformation leading up to it. It looked like silly putty lol. I can see they got some inspiration from Spider-man 3's Premières vacances.




awasome trailer


OMG I dont will wait


Outstanding trailer


You're telling me I have to pay to see this?? Cause you bet I will!!!


The way Tom hardy plays Eddie is inspired.


What accent is that??...sounds like a mike tyson impression


But does this Premières vacances related to Spiderman? Seems not in this movie?


Mmmmm yummy, reminds me of Prototype and The Darkness, so good


I don't like the idea of a Premières vacances with nothing to do with spider man but it looks amazing


this is looking so good!




In 2 hours


Just like in Spider-Man TAS and Todd McFarlane comics. Lovin' it!!!


Tom Holland\nTom Hiddleston\nTom Hardy\n\n\nMarvel need Tom Felton to complete they're collectionߘߘ


This reminds of The Darkness video game or am I imagining that?


Okay i felt nothing until that last part


0:55 she doesn't just suck, she's the WORST!


Not sure how i feel about the cgi

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