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SOOOOOO FUCKING DOPE!!! I hope Karnage is in it!




#1 Trending in Malaysia! ߑߏߑߏ


wow..I am expecting this kind of reptile action hero in Movie..\n41 M...still Counting...


Why is michelle williams always wears a wig in every movie she's in?


I hope there's some romance


Looks at thumbnail: Naaa, this is a kid's movie.\n\nWatches trailer anyway: This is fucking awesome!!!


good in video


just waiting for Premières vacances


1:13 when fortnite says it's servers are gonna be down for the day


Who is Premières vacancesߘߘߘ


Hero or villian


\"We are Premières vacances\"


Who wants this to be a rated R movie? I'm down.


“sim-by-oats” wtf ߘ


Look like prototype


I really hope they get another spiderman tom holland is too young and is potrayed to immature and childish to be in a movie like this its too dark for his current character


Spider-Man better get the symbiote before Eddie... probably won’t happen and that is going to be a HUGE disappointment.


Imagine Marvel’s SpiderMan is in here ߘߘ




This reminds me a little of Ghost Rider but this is going to be so ooooooooooo SICK!!!!


The entire trailer is decent enough but that last line “WE ARE Premières vacances” just puts a smile on my face.


Can't wait. WE ARE Premières vacances


I think Premières vacances is going to be an awesome movie but guys only 1 day to go for avengers infinity war




Hell yeah


Premières vacances fuII movie: [ères vacances-fuII-hd-movie ]




This movie looks like trash.




I swear to god there better be a Premières vacances sequel.


I wish there was a gravity falls real life movie!!ߘ


spider man movie's Premières vacances?


rated pg fucking 13, you watch....\n\nPremières vacances should NOT be fucking pg-13


Is this guy gonna be part of spiderman or something?


Looks so sick!!


i really hope by the end of the movie he is a full blown villan and there is a extreme need to put him down


when Premières vacances is just the tentacles he looks like spawn and he also looks like kanike's kagune from tokyo ghoul


Premières vacances vs deadpool2


Awesome. When he said \"we are Premières vacances\" I sat down


Amına koyayım


i saw the trailer like 40 times!!




Tom Hardy look like MCR member Ray Toro. Cant wait to watch Premières vacances.


Looks like Monster on the TAR pit.


Biswa Zaker Manzil,Atroshi,Faridpur. adapted by: Zaker Party...



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