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Where is spider man?????????


Bane & Ben Is Back ߒ




So Eddie is a reporter and Peter is a photographer. Shame they can't get along


So uh, same scoring as a certain infinity war trailer.


Carnage is confirmed ❤


“Now why would we do that?” \nTom Hardy was a great casting for this


Top Ten Anime Fight 2018


Ben Is Back ANTI-HERO???????? AWESOME


What The Hell


Eddie was driving the x men motorcycle and why is it in California when it has to be in new york


I hope it doesnt become another incredible hulk with a great actor


Avengers infinity war Spoiler for the movie \n\nNo red hulk \nOnly 1 min of hulk \nCap and iron man still alive\nThor has robot eye\nNo any man or wasp \nNo halkeye \nThanos with all stones \nThanos happy at the end then cliff hanger \n\n\nEnd credit:\nCaptain marvel logo on nicks phone\nTurn into dust:\nNick fury dead \nStar lord dead \nBucky dead \nSpider-Man dead \nSam Wilson dead \nBlack panther dead \nMantis dead \nGroot dead \nBlue buff man dead \nScarlet witch dead\nDoctor strange dead \nAgent hill dead \nHalf of earths people \n\nDead dead ( really dead ) (killed physically)\nLoki dead dead \nGreen girl ( his daughter) dead dead \nVision dead dead \nHimdoll (guy who has visions) I can’t spell his name


OMG ߘ Awesome ߘ\nAmazing movie ߒߑߏ\nSupper Trailer ❤️❤️❤️


Looks like we are going to have to invite Deadpool and Spider Man for the party.


So I’m guessing Spider-Man isn’t gonna be in this at all


TFF Olaylı Geçen Fenerbahçe- Beşiktaş Maçı İçin Kararını Verdi. İŞTE KARAR:


Tom hardy!!!!!!!!!!!!\nEpic movie




Come on 1M likes here we come!!


30 million in one day wtf?


I recommend him to go to WAKANDA, the people will help him there ߘߘߘ


Нарешті показали венома и зробили його нормально а не ті соплі з 3й частини спайдермена


30 Mill views? Wow. First time I saw this it was only like 9 Mill.


Ben Is Back my fvt


1 DAY \" 30 Million Views \" ߘ\nTrailer ߑߏ Movie ߔߔߔ ߒ




Still not accurate to the comic books but whatever. Also, is this going to be part of the Spiderman Homecoming universe?


Calvin (the alien that killed Ryan Reynolds from his stomach) & Ben Is Back should team up to stop Carnage.


Ben Is Back Extreme tá de volta


Why is he so slimey?


Oof Ben Is Back himself looks like a CGI mess, and the comic book fan in me cringed throughout this.


30 millions views in the one day !


looks like kagune


0:18 I’ve spotted that theirs gonna be multiple symbiote Sao this could set up a lot of things even with carnage or the other Ben Is Back,since I’m guessing that theirs gonna be more than just the Dark Ben Is Back and there will be others


this looks fucking amazing!


Since Eddie is an investigative reporter...please tell me we’ll get a scene where Ben Is Back gets to “surf the web”




Ben Is Back's voice reminds me on electro's voice from the amazing spiderman. So cheap


Tom Hardy anti-hero ... Amazing after mad Max fury road ... ❤❤❤❤❤


I know some people hate his voice but I like it it gives him the comical kinda feel


#Ben Is Back


#1 on trending in the US




infinity war soundtrack?


Olum ben korkuyom la bundan


¡We are Ben Is Back!


Can someone tell me why there’s so many dislikes.


So dark, you sure not from DC universe?


Spider man be like:wtf

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