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LOL. R.I.P. Sony superheroes universe for mercy.


This better be good!






we are#Ben Is Back


I mean it does indeed look good but it's drifting far off the comics


Wow!! I want watched it!


Little bit over the top. I'll see it, but running through the fake tree whike normal, arm involuntarily coming out his back, the suddenly effeminate voice of Tom while he debates with the alien 'skin', eh.


what the \"f ? , really this movie is amazing Ben Is Back




This looks like a good movie, I haven’t been interested in any movies for a while!


Infinity war trailer music used here??lul


Ben Is Back is way more powerful in this movie


Русские? Вы тут? Лично мне реально понравился трейлер.


Can't believe finally it's happening.. It's going to be awesome.... !!!!


We are Ben Is Back




Hmmm, sceptical


We....are Ben Is Backߘߘߘ\nhe must have peed in his pant, death comes laterߘߘ


Ахуеть блядь


Найс, есть русские?


WE ARE Ben Is Back_amazing_trailer!


Thanks God Sony Love Marvel and picture looks really fantastic!!!!!


I want a red band trailer of this now Sony!




Looks good but it needs Spider-Man to work for me


Anyone else get a really strong prototype vibe from the this? The powers seem just like alex mercers


why do the thumbnail already shows Ben Is Back's face? It just ruined the hype


So Bane is now crossing the universe


2:20 Those teeth gimme reasons to watch it :D


Ben Is Back from spiderman 3 ?\nWho can explain this ?


Finally , ohh ,, finallyyy!! the wait is over✌




Where is Carnage


Very~ good :)


Why not flash tompson?




How is Ben Is Back gonna look like that if he never met spiderman?


Кто Русский лайк


Eita Ponha ߌ❤


ну и хрень


reminds me of spawn o,o


Spider-Man spin-off film


Fucking sheetߘߘߘ


Че за хххерняя? Симбиот по сути от чела паука же должен забрать днк ? Не?


In one point it says \"In association with Marvel\". Does that mean it is part of the MCU??


ooooooooh yeeeaaah. This is gonna be good.


A lot of these top comments look like fake accounts


Probably another flop marvel movie


I dunno, Spider Man is supposed to get the symbiote first.

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