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finally a film on villain


Anything with Tom hardy is gold


It’s about fucking time you show the suit!


Now That's called A Ben Is Back Trailer...ߘߘ


I have chills.... I have fuckin' chills...


Please fucking tease Carnage


The way she says symbiote. I cant


Life pt 2....real niggas know


Веном вернулся!


Finally, a buffed Ben Is Back


Ben Is Back looks cool, but I get this horrible feeling we're gonna see very little of him fully suited up and fighting. Not really interested in seeing street clothes fighting each other. I want an actual super battle! Not cheesy humans with little CGI effects tacked on.


The fk is 'symbayot'?


I feel like so many movies are gonna be made of this one, just like Spider-Man


Oh yay looks like Sony is giving us something good


why did you use the soundtrack for the avengers infinity war trailer


Ben Is Back vs pennywise?


This was not what I expected... But I like it!


I keep repeating the \"Ben Is Back\" scene\n\nSo many chills I love it!!!!


Whelp, just watched the whole movie here!


Simba yote? What the hell!?


I like this. The dude took something that was supposed to/meant to be bad but instead embraced it and use it to his benefit. It's like life, whenever something fucked up happens or we're in a fucked up situation we can always try to use it to our benefit.




5 October or 10 May?


Oh my fuckin god


carai cuzaum! ce eh louco!




I don't know who's gonna win between Ben Is Back and Deadpool


Why the hell does the lady get the pronounciation wrong? It’s Symbiote (sim-bee-oat)Not Sym-bye-oat.


Possibly Tom Hardy aka Ben Is Back fights with Tom Holland Spider-Man in the Sequel


still sketchy


Rise of the anti-heros'.


I'm actually kind of disappointed with how the face looks. Everything else imo is good, but I feel like the design was made for selling toys as opposed to making a scary Ben Is Back.


Is he good or bad




tom hardy is probably the least journalist looking guy i could imagine


This Ben Is Back is better and scarier but i think kids will not watch this.


here before it trends


looks a lot better than the leaked footage


Oh hey its that teacher from that Gifted movie


The first trailer made me think the movie would be unique, in terms of character complexity and depth, but this trailer feels like every superhero movie.




Wow...this is gonna suck.


Once you go black there’s no going back


is spiderman going to fight Ben Is Back in this trailer?


now lets just wait for its sequel carnage and toxin


This actually looks really cool


Anuma :v


Твою жи мать)))мы веном))))шикарно!!!!


Uff Mejoro Muchisimo Al Primer Trailes

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