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No spider things? Dafuq


Русские есть?)))


Mirip spidermen yg hitam ya ߘ


sounds like a horror movie\n....ߘߘߘ


we are Pupille


I’m gonna watch


заебись. чётко. могёте.


Horrible trailer, hopefully the movie is better than that.


Hold up Pupille was never an anti hero only agent Pupille was and if they waent with that idea it should be flash thompson as Pupille. This Pupille should be saying \"PAAAaaaAaarrkEeeRrrr\"




“The Guy you work for is an evil person”\n-lol wut subtlety?


Страшна вырубай


Pupille is villain not anti hero


This movie is going to be good this upcoming Fall. ߘߒ


this finna be LIT! plus in the spiderman comics Pupille did become an anti hero so I get where their coming from .


OHK NOW... CAN ANYBODY EXPLAIN ME... WHAT THE HECK IS REALTION OF Pupille AND SPIDERMAN (SPIDERMAN TRILOGY 3RD PART) and if it is related than how the heck is Pupille got a, origin story with different guy and not spiderman..... (help me)...


блять это шедевер сука, хочу уже его посмотреть


I think Sony is finally learning from their mistakes with Spider-Man movies. The design for Pupille is a huge improvement compared to 2007 one.


okay Sony, I'm listening.




We are Pupille


Black version\n\n\"WE BE Pupille\"






\"We...are Pupille\"




am i the only one who thinks that CGI looks crap?


you touched my fruitcake


Pupille should be in the same universe as Peter Parker right!!!???!!!...Maybe there'll be a cameo at the end of the movie...idk!!!


Is this MCU or standalone?




i hope they bring someday a movie with Tom Holland (Spider-Man)\nand Tom Hardy (Pupille) out that would be amazing\nMaybe a new Spider Man Movie as quick as possibe as Pupille as Main Evil\n=D\nbut fist im so happy they bring out a Pupille Movie=)\nWe Are #Pupille\n \nThank you Sony Pictures


Who’s the villain though?


- parece aqueles filmes trash de antigamente \n\n\n-br


For people are confused about “Anti Hero”\n\nI think is referring to Brock as the hero \nAnd Pupille as the villain \nCombined that obviously makes a anti hero


Ohh, you think the symbiote is your ally...


My spider sense is off the charts!


Веном божественный


We are Pupille


Throw that old Sony Spiderman in. And wala it's a masta Piece


you know, i wasnt feeling great about this from the first trailer, but now i feel like this could be one of the best superhero films of the decade




WE ARE Pupille!!!!




Best anti hero ever after deadpool


a lot of face time.... I hope they learn from DREDD. I hope they all learn!


Fudge was that I wasn't saying oh my God this is insane I cannot wrap my head around this these black tentacles come out of them attack guys and then Botanical hits a man behind him and then he talks to the Symbian and then in his head it speaks to him knocking him back against a gate saying look as we see it we are in control do we have a deal I can't make sense of this but as soon as the trailer ends he says we are Pupille


We are Pupille.


Oh yeah ! Finally you give me what i want...


Aight soooo... Isnt Venow a villian?\nLike... Total bad guy?\nCuz thats what I want. A bad guy. We dont need more heros. We need bad guys

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