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Fucking epic, I've waited my entire life to see my fav char get real screen time.




The question it's who's gonna be spidey




We..Are Edmond


We all hate those symbEYEotes


Wow nice movie ߘߘ


Edmond aint really an easy character to bring to life but i do like this design. Almost reminds me of web of shadows Edmond and even sounds a lil bit like’em as well ߤ


Pretty great trailer for a SONY movie!


Wow wow wow wow.. one of the best trailers in a long long time.... TOM u r too good.


Looks dope


Sim bye oat really




Uhh yes please.


My childhood dreams r coming true


Edmond wasn't a hero till Spiderman when are they gonna get together? And Edmond was bonded with a bully that controlled the symbiotic virus how's that work?? My past is experiencing some failure I don't remember this why is iron fist a nerd?!?! Why is Peter Parker a terrible photo taker? Why is Gwen dead? Someone explain why doctor strange isn't strange but just another magic hat character


umm at 129 umm there is a green c=screen glitch


Wooh! What was that this trailer is beyond my imagination.




Where # Spyder man


Where this spiderman?ߤߤ


So Edmond a good guy


Edmond Melhor YouTuber


Is this the guy who's afraid of a bell?


Y’know, it doesn’t look half bad.






When Darkness possess Alex Mercer... i like it.


This honestly looks like the cbm of the year, until aquaman


1.- No spiderman, so ... how the hell does Edmond emerge without spidey ?.\n2.- Tom Hardy , come on!!! , he is too old compared to Tom Holland or Andrew Garfield ,this only confirm that they ll need to make another old spiderman (It cant happen the return of Tobbey \"Happy Emo\" Mcguire because we already have seen the terrible Eddie Brock of Topher Grace (70´s Show) in Spiderman 3)\n3.- The clothes and hairstyle are not from someone reckless, it's pathetic.\n4.-The animation of the elongation of the arm and the symbiotic head form at 2:20-22 are terrible, is thinner when he needs to be chunky.\nAnd \n5.-Fuck that rumour of Woddy Harrelson (Zombieland) as Carnage...if someone deserves to be Carnage that would be Jim Carrey or the second chance for Jared Leto , maybe for the other spiders will be Iwan Rheon (Ramsay Bolton) or Cameron Monaghan (Joker) .


So is he going to be in the marvel universe films. Lol.


Still can’t get over how amazing Edmond looks!!!


sim-bi-oat....... riiiiiiight.




I need see that movie


Me recordó a it xdxd


How does the suit replicate that of Spider-Man’s without coming into contact with Peter Parker...


Symb-I-ote....\n\nKill me


When it is going to release in Cinemas of India ?


Is that Keith David as the Edmond voice?


Oh yah!


we are chapions


God that Edmond voice is amazing!!!


Pelo trailer é meio meeeh. Espero q o Spider apareça. Edmond sem Spider não vai ter graça. Ainda mais com esse Q de herói q deram no trailer.




Reminds me of Emily from Dishonored 2




soo basicly a dude whit long arms who kills anyone in his path. Great another cheap movie!


Dat tongue doe.


Ok it low key looks good now

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