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Edmond vs spider man


Looks alright and I’ll watch it for sure but it kinda pisses me off that Spider-Man won’t be apart of Edmonds story and vice versa


Ohhh my God . This is a very cool trailer. P.s There is music from Avengers Infinity War


Sorry guys even though it’s much better and Tom hardy is a better choice than topher grace I’m still not convinced they know what they’re doing with this character


It's avengers music


This trailer is better than the first one


Next movie SPAWN VS Edmond


seems its still suitable on TAS movie universe


What's \"Spider-Man 3\"?


What type of accent is that?


who else is happy he actually has a Edmond voice!?!


Это свершилось! Он шикарен, мать вашуߘ


Edmond is a Space Jason Bourne ?And looks like Cancer. But the ending though.


Eddie Brock is suppose to be 6 foot 3 inches tall 260 lb and the epitome of human athleticism and strength ... This guy doesn't fit the part physically, he better bring some very good acting. Who knows. I'm stoked but somewhat confused




One of my favorite villian's has his own movie now :D


soooo is this spiderman 7?




ooh poor spiderman


I saw \"In Association with MARVEL\" i know that Spider-man (Tom Holland) will be there.


This looks sick as hell


WOW Edmond !!! So COOL !!!!


Why.... Are they pronouncing it as \"sim-ba-yote\"? O.o\n\nJeez, it's like Shyamalan was naming consultant


1:10 Kodak Black?


Where is this fucking Spiderman, oh yeah i forgot he saves the world from Thanos...


Murilo eu sei que você está aí eu sou o noites


So that is all I need.\nbut it looks nice and crappy at the same time.


What's Spider-Man 3?


W E A R E G R O O T.




Same music that infinity war?


OKC bout to lose to the Jazz doe


I want to see Eddy Brock slowly melt away, and merge with Edmond. So just like the comics or like the fly. Oh and please don’t have Edmond in the movie for like 20 minutes pleeeeeeease?


SO COOL!!!!!


Edmond who spidey?


That was beautiful.


Would have loved the McFarlane eyes but oh well he looks 10 times better than the last one. The only thing is why is the symbiote talking to him?


Where are Spider-Man? xd




I’m guessing I’m the only one that has reservations about this movie....


You're trash Brock


Well this has changed my opinion from pessimistic to, cautiously sorta optimistic. Now hopeful the rumors that Edmond proper is only in the last 5 to 10 minutes prove to be untrue.


What's the point of disliking the trailer?




i want to see prototype movie


Okay, I'm starting to have slightly higher hopes for this film.


Dawg.... Now this looks fucking great.


HE LOOKS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can't wait to see this so exited


If they even hint at Carnage, I'm going to cream my little boy panties...

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