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Looks cool! Hoping to see him in the MCU against Tom Holland's spiderman




What's with the trend of trailer videos having a mini trailer before the trailer starts? Are peoples attention spans really that short now?




So scary ߘ


To the People complaining about cgi, the movie comes out in October. They have more than enough time to work on all the vfx department. This is only a trailer.




It would have been great if it's eyes were bigger... Still it look far better than the old live action Edmond...


This looks bad and I want it to be good but they really gotta work on that cgi Edmond face.


This is supposed to look bad but it looks great.\nAnd why are they using avengers infinity war trailer music.




Dont know how i feel about this...


Become Edmond because bitten? Dont make Edmond movie if you cant afford Spiderman.


You cant have a Edmond movie without Spider-Man tho.


The trailer's music like infinity war.\nWTF


I'm shook


It’s Fan4stick all over again.


before 1 million




I was kind of hoping for a unison type of voice but that's ok


Finally somethink


this looks bad, but remember this is just a segway for maximum carnage




Alex Mercer? From Prototype?


Is going to be number one trending in a couple of hours


Looks good


Who’s the antagonist in this? He’s supposed to be the Anti-hero so who’s the villain? Is Carnage going to be in this since there was two symbiote canisters?


I'm Spider Man..


2:19 We are Edmond


Looks decent to me. I'm wondering if he'd have the ability to shoot web.


Can't wait




Is that tokyo ghoul or something? Lol ߘ




This is awsome!!!!!!!


so Edmond will not have spider powers?


Are they really using the theme for the Second Avengers Infinity war Trailer? Really Sony?


\"you should be extremely afraid\" his Bane voice took over at that moment lol


At 2:20 that looks amazing sorry infinity ur just gonna have to wait oh....nvm infinity war comes out before this nvm im still seeing this tho!




And the next step...is antiEdmond :v


Ohh my god ߒߒߒߒ excellent movie ߘߘߘ


simbayot wtf xD


Anybody notice the similarity between Infinity war's trailer music and this one?


2:20 hell yeah boi


Eddie Brock now has like a Mike Tyson voice


Please have a Spider-Man cameo\nPlease have a Spider-Man cameo \nPlease have a Spider-Man cameo \nPlease have a Spider-Man cameo \nPlease have a Spider-Man cameo \nAnyone else want Spider-Man to cameo in this? Maybe even an after credit scene.


Edmond replaces the amazing spider man after he dies in amazing Spider-Man 2... let me just fantasize!!!


Idk how I feel about this. Action looks really cool, the Edmond in my opinion, based on looks, is so so crazy good but idk he doesn't seem villain to me.


Confused by his accent. sounds like Mike Tyson sometimes?

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