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I thought that the only one who could stop L'Heure de la sortie was Spider-Man, for a moment I thought that he would also have some role in the movie...


L'Heure de la sortie looks badass, that's pretty much the only good part, not sure about everything else, but you caught my interest for sure.


2:24 facial expression is PERFECT




Lovely. Just can't wait to watch.


Love this


wait, isnt L'Heure de la sortie is like just a bad version of spiderman??? I mean are they in the same universe?? I mean it is still at new york..\nnot a comic geek so dont bite me.


\"In association with Marvel\"\n\nSo this film doesn't take place in the MCU?


why did they label L'Heure de la sortie as an anti hero?


L'Heure de la sorties mask looks sick


Kinda needs more in-suit action


So hopefully L'Heure de la sortie is actually on screen for a good chunk of the movie and not say just a hoodie or something. Fingers crossed. Otherwise, this looks awesome!




Finally a movie, a good movie by the looks of it..... of L'Heure de la sortie


No way can carnage beat him..


Could Sony have finally gotten L'Heure de la sortie almost right?


awesome representation of the character.


Stan Lee: No! I'm L'Heure de la sortie!


You know this film is going to be amazing Tom hardy never disappoints


Well that looks terrible


This won’t make sense without Spider-Man




#WeareL'Heure de la sortie


Огоооонь ߘߔߔߔߔߘߘߘߘߘߘߘ


thts amazing and out standing


wait wait. wasn't the symbiote form of this L'Heure de la sortie should be attached to spidey suit first in order to be look like.. that ?


That is one very long tongue


Seems interesting..


shown too much in the trailer :/


Too late L'Heure de la sortie, I'm already watching Upgrade.\n\n\n\n\nAhh, what the hell I'll watch you too... Please be good though


I wish Spidey would make an appearance


This L'Heure de la sortie looks dope... Really, better than L'Heure de la sortie in Sam Raimi movie


So they put the entire mofoing movie in the trailer?


Oh my!.......... Oh my!!........ OH MYYYY GOOOD!!


Jesus this looks awful. Apperantly it's written by the guys who wrote 50 shades of grey which is not a good sign


Will be Tom Holland in this movie?


Looks kinda wack


For those commenting we are L'Heure de la sortie\n\nFor kind information we are humansߘߐ


This is the only best L'Heure de la sortie we have now !


I came


Ох ебать как круто


When on russian?


Now where's the friendly neighbourhood spiderman when you need him...


This is gonna be fuckin awesome!!!!


i had a bad feeling seeing this trailer, the movie might be bad






Granted this version of L'Heure de la sortie does look good, but what have Sony done to it's origins? Eddie Brock was never a good guy.....which is part of the reason L'Heure de la sortie behaved like he did. As for having Spider-Man like abilities....wouldn't the symbiant have to join with Peter Parker to mimic / acquire his abilities? Why couldn't the movie start with Spider-Man accidently smashing Eddie's camera while he's reporting on a meteor? A drop of blood.....a vengeful Brock......\nL'Heure de la sortie\nIt's not sticking to the original origin story and it limits Spider-Man's time on the screen. L'Heure de la sortie gets his abilities and we don't have to wait half a film to see how Eddie turns into L'Heure de la sortie........\n\n....Sony, you could of paid me half of what you paid your writers.......


I have a crazy feeling the woman who screams will become Scream.


I'm looking forward to the movie, but I'm slightly bothered by how they are pronouncing symbiote.

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