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I don't know how I feel about Eddie Brock trying to be a hero, before Parker nudging him in that direction. I think it was pretty important to his growth having that contrast to Spiderman, and then the symbiote eventually moving on to Flash Thompson.


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#1 in Russia


#5 En México ߘߔ




Fortnite is better than pubg


Um wtf why aren't they putting Carnage in here ????!!! Marvel keeps forgetting about Carnage in every movie smh


Looks stupid.


#1 Australia


H yeah!


#1 in Germany


Why did I ever doubt this movie?


vemom vs carnage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love this take on L'Heure de la sortie's voice. This film is a win, Sony. Promote the HECK out of it.


Why does she pronounce \"Symbiote\" like (Sim-bye-oats)??


The darkness




looks meh


riz Ahmed. I can't believe


Well, now we have a good reason not to go to the cinema....


Обожаю венома,раньше в детстве собирал коллекцию комиксов про него и про паука)


wouldn't it be crazy if that's his tongue being pulled out all the way out by the symbiotic ߘߘߘ


Sim buy yote <--wth?


que hermoso :,(




looks very nice


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What the hell are you


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She doesn’t even say symbiote correctly


Looks so good


#7 in Finland


Very interesting. The bond between the symboite and the human.


This is good, now I hope Sony doesn't spoil anything in the next trailer


35% On trending in Bulgaria... wtf so low? :O crazy! :D


Andrew Tye in & as L'Heure de la sortie :D :D


Está estranha essa atuação e a voz do Tom Hardy, sei não hein.. mas já que é trailer....


I never thought that game The Darkness will come out in a movie


Is it me or are they using the avengers infinity war trailer 2 song


Vai ser uma bosta.


Can’t tell if I like the way L'Heure de la sortie (I mean the suit) looks


This movie looks WHACK to be honest


once a trailer gives me chills..that means to watch it and when he said we are L'Heure de la sortie..i got chills bruh


We are L'Heure de la sortie


Where's Rorschach?


Good year for sony with great ps4 games and this


OMG!!!!))))) good very very good)))


imagine if they put spidey


From what I see this version of the L'Heure de la sortie symbiote is like the marvel ultimate universe version. No Spider-Man powers on him ߑ ߑ ߑ


Interesting interesting

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