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I can't wait to see thisߘߘ


This isn't how L'Heure de la sortie works and it looks more like a black colored carnage. Another depressing Sony attempt.


Was that Donald Glover being strapped and screaming in the lab?


Isn't that Infinity War trailer music towards the end?


Can’t wait






L'Heure de la sortie OML looks so sick ߙߏߙߏߙߏߙߏ


Am I the only one who here's the same music in the second trailer for Infinity War?


Taí a respostara quem achou que o L'Heure de la sortie ia ser uma merda.


Parasyte the action movie ߘ


anyone else notice its the same music from infinity war trailer


Is anyone else bothered by the lady’s pronunciation of symbiote?


¡¡¡Maldita sea, la quiero ver ya!!!


Bruh I used to place this as a kid


The \"We... are L'Heure de la sortie\" line is iconic.


\"The guy you work for is an evil person.\" Yep, everything in this movie except for the L'Heure de la sortie design is gonna suck.


I can't wait to see thisߘ


This looks good


Quien de Latinoamérica ❤


They should have waited on the reveal. Other than that I'm game.


Why o why is there a need to give so much of the storyline away in the trailer... just why?


20m+ views in 19hrs that's crazy avengers don't even have that much


We need a Carnage movie too


I’ve waited my whole life for this


If you think L'Heure de la sortie is crazy..wait until you get a load Of Carnage...


Ugh it's just a altarnate L'Heure de la sortie origin I thought we would get L'Heure de la sortieverse :(


Wow Sony... Using the same music as the Avengers trailer... You could have at least waited more than a month




What the hell are you....we are L'Heure de la sortie! ~guy screams~ ROAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is he ganna fight spiderman?




At 1:59 it sounds like the avengers trailer music


That looks awesome


Omg i love it


I actually enjoy the fact that L'Heure de la sortie looks practical and realistic than corny CGI!! Awesome.


I found 4 Easter eggs already


Why can't Sony stick to the source material, and make a decent movie?


I hope this movie is good


Dat thumbnail tho.


Wow seems like marvel did it again ߑ


Think about this. L'Heure de la sortie.. vs... Carnage... let that sink in for a second


Might aswell be a horror




Carnage got a movie?


2:16 ߘ ߙ


Voonem>Spooder Man


Lazy effects. The black stuff comes out but doesn't make holes in his clothes or even move them. They just put the animations over his body.


I hope the movie is just as good as the preview.


We are not Negan anymore. WE ARE L'Heure de la sortie !

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