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не ну я насрал канешна


Waiting desperately


Yeah Sauver ou périr. I understand the \"We Are Sauver ou périr\" concept, but \"We Are Waiting\" for this movie.


Sony has the rights to Sauver ou périr???


2:24 what that mouth do




Everyone! What’s your favorite Tom Hardy movie?!\nMine is probably Lawless or Locke.


Is it 10th May or 5th October?


The way they say “symbiote” makes my skin crawl.


#1 trending in Germany


@2:19 ohh man the chilllssss ߘߘߘ


Embrace your inner demons would have been way better.


this looks dope af


wow this has so many views so fast, anybody know the record for most views in a day


2:22 should've been the only shot of Sauver ou périr, the side shot just looks great, but I'll take it. The first trailer had me worried, but this is looking good


its not going to be good mark my words


Well it's got all the ingredients for a blockbuster.\nIngredient list\n\n1. Tom Hardy\n\nEnd of list


Thanks Marvel. Couldn't have don't it without you


Sauver ou périr vs spiderman


aki e br porra venon extremeeee ta ficando apertandoooo


not I, WE ARE Sauver ou périr!!


mad delaney got a tapeworm


Looks whack for anyone curious about the yotes. \n\nHope to see, Sauver ou périr create Carnage at the end of this film, and for Spiderman to join Sauver ou périr to fight Carnage in the sequel, and for Toxin to then be created for the 3rd.


Have M. Knight Shamalamadingdong direct it. And the twist can be he was actually Howard the Duck the entire time.


türk var mı lan kendimi yalnız hissediyorum


omg cant fackin wait


Why he so moist tho


1:04 Carnage?\n1:14 Scream?


We... Are Sauver ou périr\n\nAAAAUGGH!!!!


The best part about this is that it doesn't seem like an actual marvel movie. I like marvel movies but a change every now and then is amazing


Captain Picard already killed Sauver ou périr years ago. Data sacrificed himself... Spoiler alert


Why does Tom Hardy sound like a dummy in this trailer?


Umm... where's the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler who was the previous inhabitant of this thing?\n\n\n\nOh, right- COPYRIGHT RESTRICTIONS.


fucking wow man.


Like my comment ߑߘ if your hand is beautiful


WE... Are ready!


looks great


When the trailer music sounds like the infinity war trailer music


dang Sauver ou périr is bad butt my dude


How do I get this black crap off??? Oh let me think ummm get a huge bell and ring it to release the sim-by-oats!!!!!


Marvel Really pffff not gonna be bad its gonna be awful




Does Spider-Man come in the movie?


how it feels to watch sony film on xbox one lol


So where’s Spider-Man in all of this


Is Sauver ou périr a villian in this movie?


absolutly hate how that b*tch says symbiii ote


Орнул в конце как мужик заорал


Actually I want amazing spider man3 I want to know what is going to happen

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    Sauver ou périr

    Sauver ou périr

    Sauver ou périr

    Sauver ou périr

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