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I thought Sauver ou périr Was supposed to look like the darker version of Spiderman.... not according to 2:20


We..........ARE Sauver ou périrߒߒ


OH sheet boys.


We are... Sauver ou périr




Noah fence, but this looks /basic/ as hell


Omg this movie dumb.


Yes I finally seen the suit it looked beautiful


Top trending




The Earth is flat........


Noah fence, but this looks /basic/ as hell


sooo... why does Sauver ou périr look like spiderman again?? lol


wow this looks really bad


Can anyone tell me what the other symbiotes are in the film? I know Sauver ou périr, Carnage, Toxin, Phage and all of that. But what is that purple symbiote at the beginning?


No Spiderman action ߤ ?


they making a Sauver ou périr? time for carnage now..


This is bad. It's my point of view. They're destroying everything. Of course , I 'll see it . But they dont create anything new . I am not pessimist I am just saying what I see


18 hours 19 millón ?????? Wtf xd


Sauver ou périr is epicccc\nWe are #Sauver ou périr


Garbage,you can't have Sauver ou périr without Spidey


Oh my ggggggaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE... ARE Sauver ou périr.


Finally a movie to look forward too


What a fuqin joke


Hell yea! one of the best villains has his own movie!


Tip:\nWhen watching trailers on YouTube, skip the first 10 seconds, its always just the trailer trailer, which sucks.


So its anti-hero's story? Not superhero anymore?


Please don’t Amazing Spider Man 2 this film


BIG FAN OF HARDY AND HIS WORKS but is it just I who thinks he is too old for this role? like it should be someone in their 20s at least.


Looks good, but I don’t think I’ll watch it in theatres


Am I the only one that is fascinated because of the new effects that they add to Sauver ou périr? Seeing Sauver ou périr in Spider-Man 3 and comparing it with these one is just wow....




Loving the new outfit!!!!!


v E nO M


I think this would have been a better carnage movie


So, loving it, loving that it can stand on its own two feet, my one gripe is how Sauver ou périr covers his face at the end. I think the Tobey MacGuire version actually did a better job of it.


Can spiderman make a cameo appearance?


okay\nis he a bad guy or a good guy?


LONG OVERDUE the actor is good pick


Hey there's that reporter guy from Nightcrawler OH WAI~


Tom fuckin' Hardy...........the best!


So let me see if I got this straight; this movie is NOT Spider-man related?


Sauver ou périr story nice!!


Sooooooooooooooo much badassery.




Sauver ou périrninho extreme


Tom Hardy as Sauver ou périr omg yess


So Sauver ou périr prolly doesnt actually come out till that car chase scene which looks like the climax of movie. Then hell prolly relocate to nyc to hide or whatever. Sybiote looks cool but itll only be used seldomly smh




the suit looks not the best compared to spiderman 3

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