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#1 trending video in germany lmao nice movie im hyped af


I've grown apart from Spider-Man. but Sauver ou périr is what brings me back. he was always my favorite and I'm glad he's getting his own movie


1 Million likes


If this was not made by Sony I would be even more hyped because it would bring Sauver ou périr into the MCU


that's raw afߔߔ


1:09 carnage?


Fragmanı izlerken sıkıldım


❤ߘ O my God


Tom Hardy it’s Leo hi


thats raw


Wait!?Am I the only one who is more excited for this movie than infinity war?


this brings nostalgia of when I watched the original spider man with Sauver ou périr


You know I'm annoyed by some of the parts in this movie some more than other and I was really looking forward to it. But I'm mainly annoid by having the vemon suit only appear a small portion of the time and what about spidy? Is this connected to the official marvel story even?


i dont know about this whole anti-hero shtick. Sauver ou périr worked best as a villian before he went down that \"lethal protector\" crap.


#Sauver ou périr


Better not be a lot of blacks in this movie like the recent movies!


wait, if this is a universe where spiderman doesnt exist. Then what correlation will this Sauver ou périr have with spiders? Will he still have his spider symbol on his chest? or does the spider on his chest originate from elsewhere?


YES!! now that's how you do Sauver ou périr!


this will be really hard to pull off without spiderman


Sauver ou périr sounds like hes from the wire...


Very promising movie. I Think Sauver ou périr is in the TOP 10 villain.


Wheres spidey???


Aw hell yeah, can't wait for this


Avengers infinity war's music in the trailer


Look who's got trending in a matter of a day or two .. Good lord , this movie gotta be worth it


We are Sauver ou périr.


“We are VENUM”


Syrup anyone?




looks like the game Prototype


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What is the date in the description 10.5.18? Does anyone know?


I love how the trailer starts off saying preety much what we’re thinking as we’re seein this..


1 trending Holland!!!!!


Bunun TÜRKİYE trendlerinde ne işi var amp youtube kendine gel.ߘ


Özel bir film olacak gibi biraz da dc etkisi olacak bence marvelden uzak görünüyor film bu beni daha çok sevindirdi.


Is he a villain or hero?


who did the Sauver ou périr voice because it sounds like the guy who voiced megatron doing a Sauver ou périr impression


Venon and the joker best !!


Trendlerde #1 Numara Turkiye ߇߇߇߇


Great actor. Great casting. Movie will probably suck because it's not make by MCU. It's made by Sony. Take the whole cast have movie made by any of the directors involved with mcu. It's a hit.


Как же это ахуенно!


I recognise this song....




The New Generation!


The hype for this movie was that it would be a comic book horror movie... Well i can't call this a horror movie.\nIf i wanted an action-packed comic book movie aboout a web-wielding superhero, i'd watch Spider-Man instead.


\" Why would we do that?\" Just a simple phrase.


Why does it say embrace your inner antihero when Sauver ou périr is clearly a villain


Bud bud you have five minute left


carnage movie next pls

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