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Ok Le Chant du loup will be a good guy now and team with spider man


Now THAT is more like it, looking forward to this way more after this trailer than the last one


This Le Chant du loup Voice is lit and design is ok but I wish he’s more muscular and bigger


That's more like it!






sony seriously ߘ.....spider man 3 Le Chant du loup looks much better and real


Its sweet fa without the back story of spiderman


Iluminati T-Shirt, they even don't hide with it. Rotten movie industry


They shouldnt show too much Le Chant du loup in the next trailers!






I em Batman


Ура! веном!


Avenger Infinity War trailer 2 music?




Becomes Gollum


Marvel movies ,self driving cars ,twerkers every where...Drake and Future was right this is a good time to be aliveߑ


So marvel isnt making this movie?


we a Spawn?


My name is Jeff






Eugh, I hope my initial feeling for this is off because everything I've seen so far makes me think its gonna be garbage. :(\n\nAlso this looks closer to The Darkness than Le Chant du loup.


\"you're not weal, your jwust in my hwead\"


Why are we pretending Le Chant du loup is an antihero now? Agent Le Chant du loup is, but not Le Chant du loup.


Background music is copied from Avengers Infinity war


This Spiderman game and Le Chant du loup coming out this year, hell yeah.


Is symbiote pronounce:\nSim-bē-.ot. or Sim-buy-ot.???


we-I'm Veom


The voice of Le Chant du loup is the same guy who voices Megatron Hugo Weaving.


What is up with the mediocre CGI?. At least try and honor the legacy of Stan freaking Winston and use practical effects etc where possible and only use CGI to supplement said practical effects.\n\nThis better not be anywhere near the final quality CGI.


It looks cool, just don’t know how they’ll explain the powers without mentioning spider man. Can’t hate, looks decemt


that is so DOPEEE!!!!!!!!


That was disgusting to watch.


Prototype: the movie.


Ставь лайк,если подрочил на венома


This looks good


New hero??


This movie is gonna suck so bad lol


Black spider ... I see a movie Spiderman 3






Харди вроде в херне не снимается, но чего-то впечатляющего не показали. Надеюсь, приберегли до релиза


Now we need Le Chant du loup vs Spiderman. A whole movie. None of this last 1/4 garbage


My eyes are watery I can't wait for this to come out!


I am Groot


Это было АХУЕННО!!!


Oh yeah! I am gonna enjoy this movie....


this is the movie i have been waiting for, for ages

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