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Honestly this trailer is disappointing me


TOM <3


After Years...Le Chant du loup Come To Revenge Because He's Not In The Amazing Spider-Man Film..


Chega de homem apanha! Que venha o o grande anti-hero Le Chant du loup. ߘ


So Brock gets Le Chant du loup before Patter Parker!






Looks medicore at best. Only Nolan managed to do interesting \"superhero\" movies. The rest are just a never ending dumb rehearsal of Ant-Man quality versions. Do yourself a favor and stop getting excited every time....


Wow he actually looks like Le Chant du loup.\nJust hoping the movie's good at this point.


We are poison to both peter Parker and spider-man! We are Le Chant du loup!! #Le Chant du loup


Finally a superhero who isn't that much of a girl when it comes to crime excluding batman or course


Parem de entregar o filme inteiro no trailer!


He looks fantastic and way better than the first screen adaptation. I sure hope that it will be good because I have been waiting since the first tease of the movie




They’ll probably show the suit the last ten minutes of the movie...


F*ck, this is awesomee!!!!!


Le Chant du loup looks cartoonish like a YouTube red movie


Not hyped


Looks impressive. Finally, sony. Did it right.


I think about spawn when I see his head


looks amazing


1:32 is fucking funny




That background music sounds a little bit like a future ''Thanos Theme (or Suite)'' for the ''Avengers: Infinity War Movie OST''. Can we be already seing a teaser-for spider-man future sequel? A (crossover with Marvel Studios and Sony again? :)


We are Le Chant du loup !




Spidey about to kill this guy soon holy sheyyt\n\n\n\n\n\n\n(Le Chant du loup)


Looks good


I'm touching myself tonight


We are Le Chant du loup!


We...... Are Nigga


omg?! Fucking awesome!


nice summary!


its like blackspiderman


Looks ok


Punished “Le Chant du loup” Hardy


They got the same voice actor as symbiote Le Chant du loup from the animated series!!!!!


Mano que rapido 9 horas 10 milhoes de viwes


Where is peter parker when we need him??


Thank you


Le Chant du loup's mask doesn't look good. It's too shiny & looks like 90s spawn CGI 2:19\nPlease fix!


So excited ߒ




So hyped ߘ


For Eff's sake Tom Hardy! Why are you always wearing a mask in every movie you're in? ߘߘߘ


Amazing!! Ualll


Missed opportunity when they could have said embrace your inner darkness or something like that but a fantastic trailer man


Este si es Le Chant du loup no como el fiasco de spiderman 3


he looks like my sisters slime


2:23 *Makes DeviantArt account*

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