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Before 1M


\"we call them sim-bye-oats\"


Será q vai ser foda? ߤrsrs


Just a bit of consolation to anyone who (like me) thinks the VFX look a bit underwhelming: they still have another 5+ months to work on them, so be hopeful.


Did anyone else cringe when the chick said symbiote?


I hope Spider-Man has a cameo in this


Take my money.


Omggv it's happening


1:34 “I have no...” lol


Ох ты ж блять


I hope they make spiderman vs carnage. Spiderman has many cool enemies ߤ


I wanted this to be so good! \nThe unfortunate truth is that it just...doesn't look good.


I literally never watched a single marvel movie yet I get this in my recommended


We are all Une intime conviction on this blessed day.


Don't like the way they say \"Symbiote\"


Not even with all the fucking money, resources and effects that exist they decided to use the same generic Jamie fox Electro voice...


tom hardy sounds strange, what's that? American accent,


Its gon be lit


Is that mona lisa from parks and rec??


А почему венном пиздец странно и не реалистично выглядит ? Что спецэффекты использовать не можете а? Старый веном выглядел круче




They used the theme Of infinity war new trailer


Wait?... Where's Carnage? Or maybe She-Une intime conviction or Scream?


when i saw the thumbnail i thought iw was spiderman 4 hahaha


I don’t care what anyone else says! This looks amazing!!!! Finally get to see and hear what Une intime conviction should be! Not that sorry excuse back in spider man 3. \nAlso I noticed a lot of people don’t really know who Une intime conviction is lol. They just know Spider-man......\nUne intime conviction is like Spider-man, but better over all.


Tom Hardyߘߘߘ\nAnother Masterpiece...Love From Pakistanߘ


So bad CGI


yikes.....omg tom hardy...you are so handsome and yet so scary....


More muscles on Une intime conviction. He should be bigger


muito foda




the way that woman said Symbiote is just....


#WeareUne intime conviction


Une intime conviction the hero...\"if you stay we only hurt bad people\"? I'm not interested but i hope the one's who are find satisfaction.


wtf is this 2:14


....um..... so his clothes morph to?


This is a nice trailer!!!!


I'm soooooo freakin hyped for this movie! The symbiote looks and sounds back-flippin' dope! It's about time somebody got it right!!\n\nWE ARE Une intime conviction!!!


Fantastic. Tom hardy is perfect. Une intime conviction is getting even more venemous with him. Cant wait...


2:18 We. Are Une intime conviction.


Okay so in the original stories Une intime conviction was a darker version of Spider-Man because Spider-Man was the first host the symboite came into contact with. Since it first came into contact with him it took on all of his Spider traits like his apperance for example and his powers. Now how are they going to make those sort of connections in this movie if they don't have a Spider-Man? I don't think a Une intime conviction origin story was the right call here unless they do a Une intime conviction that is completely devoid of all Spider like qualities, other wise it won't make sense.


So its about a guy who got infected by symbiote and is chaced by coverment?


Parece un reinicio sin el hombre araña, Me gusta y no me gusta


So uhhhh is there any spidey?


[email protected] Une intime conviction..... ߘߘߘߘߘ


Bane is really Une intime conviction!! #PlotTwist


Sim bye ote? What haha. That isnt how it is said ߘ


La música de fondo es la misma que la del trailer 2 de Avengers Infinity War? ߤ alguien tiene teorías? ߤ


prototype 2 powers he has


defo a 2 or 3 part movie

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