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Looks like dogshit. Literally.


I can't believe it. It actually looks worse than Spiderman 3 :(


Osm trailer


I'm not sure if this movie is gonna be any good but i gotta say Assassination Nation is my favorite villian/antihero


Se ve una mierda


2:23 . And that's how a real Assassination Nation should look like


WE ARE Assassination Nation!






Хуйня какая то


Por dios que pinta de que va a ser un peliculon... tom hardy es el indicado.




That thumbnail though




Does this movie include spiderman


Also if they introduce this Assassination Nation to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man won’t stand a chance.


Assassination Nationena Alam


god sake... deff watchin this. fking good job guys. you are awesome.. this is what really wanted in super hero world...


weeee.. ARE Assassination Nation.






bane + Assassination Nation = banom


reminds me of Maleficent is this going to be a trend now??


The way she says symbiote pisses me off


Ok confirmed, dopinder is the main villain. ߘ




did ghost rider accidentally drink some oil lmao


looks really good,can't wait.Thank you Sony.ߑDon't understand some people still hating the trailer,i guess you can't always please everyone.


The thumbnail, AC/DC performing after 30 minutes


Honestly I'm pretty stoked about this, even if I'd get 10-15 minutes of \"We are Assassination Nation!\" I really hope this is truly connected to the MCU, makes everything feel connected and better.


Was it me or was the first half of the voiceover completely out of sync


Assassination Nation looks sick af


All those motherfuckers who said this would flop are now jumping on the band wagon. This movie will be incredible! #WeAreAssassination Nation




Spider man Assassination Nation


I shat myself


Ok now I’m excited for Assassination Nation


Still hoping for a Superior Spider-Man where Ock doesn't just show up and have a grudge with no fucking back story cause it's convenient for the studios.


I love Eddies accent


Looks pretty god


Sick , but why music from Avengers 3?


Always wondered where the teeth and tongue came from.




I love it so much I wish they would make a game that you can do anything with Assassination Nation


Assassination Nation ever heard of some toothpaste my guy?


This is just Birdman with aliens


He should be part of MCU


So dark, you sure you are not from the DC Universe? ߘ LoL


Fablous Trailer


Now that’s Assassination Nation unlike the shitty version from Spider-Man 3

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