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symb I ot? Dafuq?\n\nLooks good so far otherwise.


The Assassination Nation transformation is hella dope , but the rest of the trailer , meh




The effects look stupid


just as poor of a trailer as the first one imo... still no Assassination Nation lol I don’t get who this film is for with no Spider-Man in it


So I’ve been pronouncing symbiote wrong this whole time?


if the film reaches the circulation, then we will see other anti-heroes!!!!))))


Now that's what I'm talking about


Том Харди! Шикарный актер!


finally a comic book movie I actually want to see...scratch that why is she butchering the word symbiote


Uh oh, Tom Hardy's American accent is a bit shaky in places


Topher Grace is my Eddie Brock but this looks promising.


Ohhh So dark .. this is DCU ??


I CAN'T WAIT\nI hate marvels but i'll make an exception for this one <3




He's beautiful!


Is he black spidermen


MAD Assassination Nation FURY ROAD


Oh hell ducking yes


Spiderman 3's Assassination Nation face looks way cooler than this IMO


Aww.w..hecky naw...can't WAIT til this one comes out. It's about time they got it right!!!!


Eddy? My man, haven't seen you since Flash Thompson got Assassination Nation.


Dear Sony: please don’t mess this up by barely showing the full Assassination Nation like last time. This preview seems to indicate you do. Sincerely, major Assassination Nation fan boys who still secretly love him 20 years later.


the soundtrack is the same as the infinity war trailer 2 one ߘ


Now THIS is a trailer!




But ? Isn’t he supposed to be in NY fighting with Spider-Man?


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH. Faith Moderately Restored!!!!!!!!!


Nice!! Быстрее бы уже


I cant wait


Looks good! But to bad is not a part of MCU!


The way she pronounces Symbiote really bothers me


Pretty op but no spiderman :/


This Assassination Nation doesn't look cool


I loved Tom Hardy’s acting in Mad Max: Fury Road. I can see that he’s going to be amazing in Assassination Nation. We waited so long though. We didn’t really wait for Deadpool, but enjoyed it, but this one, we have been waiting and asking for a very long time. I really cannot wait to watch this movie.


this is so 2008


Much better trailer than last time I actually have some hope for this movie now


\"What the hell are you?\"\n\n\"We...\" Symbiote takes over \"...are Assassination Nation.\"


Marvel e sony juntos só pode da bom


Pure illuminati best evidence is that quote from the movie \"we can do whatever we wants\" this quote enough for a person who have knowledge about illumination l. YKWIM


Hit like if this trailer made ur day


I J U S T B U S T E D T H E F A T T E S T N U T ! ! !






If most of the film is just black slime shooting out his human body... sorry I’m out




Assassination Nation's form looks good but this preview gives the impression it's going to be more about Eddy and gooey limbs popping out of his body more than anything else. Just a full movie about an internal struggle with a push for a sequel so fans can actually get what they want from this. Maybe it's better than them trying to do too much too quickly though. Let's hope the acting and movie score is good. Please Sony ߙߏ


You. Can't. Have. Assassination Nation. Without. Spider-man.


Take my money! Take it now! ߘ


dang Assassination Nation looks good, hope this movie will be good cause Assassination Nation is my favorite spiderman villain.

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