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OMG if they get Jim Carrey to play carnage that would be awesome.


Faadu trailer


Assassination Nation is going to be awesome


Amazing movie!!!!


when a Marvel movie can only say \"in association with MARVEL Comics\" it usually doesn't bode well for the movie cough cough


What voice/accent is Hardy doing?


Most line spider man 3


Very good


The music in this trailer makes me chills ;o


The black goo goes primetime. Another evil transhumanism production from the kabbalist jews at Marvel. Enjoy you satan worshipping fools who don’t even know what you are watching. Fools.


Spiderman 3


I assume this is before Spider-Man 3??? or is this a whole different universe?






Do a movie on that red Assassination Nation dude I forgot it’s name it started with a c but do it


for 2 days 29 milion viuws


Assassination Nation at marvelߘ


This movie is gonna suck


Looks good.


29 million views and almost 100000 comments. What!?


29 million views and almost 100000 comments. What!?


I'm Assassination Nation ߑ


omg this is friggin lit


Deadpool is also Anti hero


So dark...


Sayın dinleyenler herkesi kanalımıza bekleriz, kendinize iyi bakın.


1 day=29 million views




more anti-hero movies....


Welp Assassination Nation looks a lot better in this movie then he did in spider-man 3




I can say something about it.... How Nice!


The way I see it, WE can do whatever WE want!!\nFavorite line of the movie!!!!




I know I’m going to see this movie при регистрации даётся 5p. С 5р можете подняться(понимаете 50р можете вывести




My favorite anti-dating flirt


Hey D.C. might wanna start stepping up your game a bit. Your falling behind a bit


How did sim-bye-oat go unnoticed? WTF?!?!


Батюшки... я то_!_же так хочу. На али можно заказать?




Tom hardy is already a better Assassination Nation than topher grace


Oooh this looks good






I like Assassination Nation


I wanna kill myself


We are Assassination Nation ߒߒ

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