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\"We...are Glass.\" \nMy response: \"ohh is that right?\" ߘ


Is this the beginning of Agent Glass?


am i the only one who noticed that the trailer music is the same as the Infinity war trailer music? lol


Glass kind of entity is real and that is my best friend... always with me


But the question is \"Is Glass a Superhero or Supervillain?\"


Why doesn’t Hollywood know how pronounce things like Aang and symbiote. If they need to know how to pronounce either watch the tv shows, they will show them how to pronounce Aang or symbiote.




Glass looks like something straight out of Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed


Che schifo


2:20 that transition sucks.


Ai ai


YES..... I Hope this movie one universe with new spiderman


Peter parker spiderman 3 retired Glass came in it part 4


So everyone is worried about the suit but everyone forgets that Glass only copies Spider-Man suit after peter gives up Glass. So since spider man and this Glass have never met (I’m guessing because that Spidey is MCU and Glass is not) more than likely not gonna have the big spider symbol on him. I imagine he’ll get it at the end of the movie maybe after some realization to do with a spider?


Glass ? or Prototype film ?


Where are the haters????\nHello????????speak again???ߘߘߘ


Se ve super badass la escena del final, neta, super cool, sin embargo, el 90% del trailer es demasiado aburrido.


That was amazing!!!!


felt like a B-movie trailer tbh, didn't get the raw fear which Glass is all about!


Los amo Glass cuando era niño era mi personaje favorito gracias


Tom Hardy acting is horrible




Me parece ser um filme no estilo Logan






Comentario en español :c\nEste Glass es idéntico al de Spiderman 3 solo que más grande\nLike si piensas lo mismo


100,000 likes in just one hourߘ!!!


Where Is Spider Man?


Aaaaah.......jueputa k exquicito trailer ߑߙߙߙߙ


I really like this. I can’t wait to see it!


This looks reeeaaaally stupid...I can't wait to see it!


jus asking for a peter parker cameo. too much to ask?


We are Glass


1:34\n\"I....Havvve no-\"\n\"BAM\"\nMade me laugh For some reason




Diversity is our symbiote.




This looks awful


It's got The \"WE\" that was missing from Spider-Man 3....\n\nBut that SymBYEoat....ooof


...jeez... why Sony?


OMFG YESSSSSSSSS SONY!!! DO IT!!!! ^_^ This IS SOOOOOO YESSS! :3 can u feel how excited i am lol?


Glass 2:20


We are harbinger. I mean Glass. We are Glass.


Love you


Glass cannot have Spider-Man's powers because in this movie he never made contact with him at all


i have to say something...watching this trailer i start to respect Tom Hardy, he gonna make a great, crazy Eddie Brock


Ok, I am no longer disappointed..\n\n\n\n\nI’m terrified..


Guessing Spider-Man was at prom.


So his alter ego here is eddie brock right? Not the football varsity flash thompson?


I personally think it would be better if Marvel had the full rights to Glass

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