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Anyone else annoyed with how they pronounce symbiote?






Pls be rated R


Seattle should've ran the ball


уверен что будет также как и с отрядом самоубийц)


I cringe every time they pronounce symbiote wrong.


I’m only watching because of Tom Hardy


Can’t wait for movie!!!!


Who are you.....WE are Glass....that’s probably the best line I have ever heard in a spider man movie.


so he's the protagonist, but an anti-hero protagonist. that's cool


Disappointed :3. Might as well make an animated series at this point.


Lets goooo


Sony wants that fox Deadpool and Logan money


I know it's a Glass movie and all but I want to see spiderman one last time this year


This is going to be a CARNAGE


ehhhhh idk


oh shi


Omg, come on October get here


Where's spiderman? In my opinion, it would look better if there was spiderman in it


I hope this is part of the MCU, but not really important. Like treated the same way the TV shows are treated, And it does look pretty good. Needs to be rated R though


That CG looks really bad.


CRISTO VIENE LAS SEÑALES SE CUMPLEN DIOS TE AMA INFINITAMENTE GOD LOVE YOU GOD IS COMING THE SIGNALS COMPLYPor lo cual estoy seguro de que ni la muerte, ni la vida, ni ángeles, ni principados, ni potestades, ni lo presente, ni lo por venir, ni lo alto, ni lo profundo, ni ninguna otra cosa creada nos podrá separar del amor de Dios, que es en Cristo Jesús Señor nuestro.\nRomanos 8:38-39


I would like to see a relationship develop between them. Like the relationship that develops in Assassins bodyguard. At the beginning they hate/dislike each other but by the end have eachothers back


Glass culiao rico


india #maanallinonecreatorstudio


yes we are


I hope this is more horror than action. It would just suit the character of Glass more in my opinion.


There you go, Glass is in a trailer. You happy now?


Glass was just a suit and alien from space that humans bad. It never had its own personality. Wtf is this?? Was it brock his name? When the suit finds brock he turns it into a bad villain. And the suit is very powerful more powerful then spider man.


I will wait for this film in the cinema ߘ




I am seeing this


Looks like joker from IT..




The best!!!




Infinty war trailer music


Mmmm nasty


Number #1 in the city of England


Marvel fans: MCU expanded! Hooray!\n\nNon-Marvel fans: ߤ I've never heard of this horror movie before! Is this a remake?\n\n\nߘ


Its will either be really good, or really really bad


Se ve vergas me vale verga bola de vergas


Glass ߒߒߒߒߒߒߒߒ


My having trouble with Tom's accent


No fucin way


#1 in canada


1:21 byakugan!


how can Glass have this form if he never takes possession of spiderman's body?

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