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Peu de temps après les événements relatés dans Split, David Dunn - l’homme incassable - poursuit sa traque de La Bête, surnom donné à Kevin Crumb depuis qu’on le sait capable d’endosser 23 personnalités différentes. De son côté, le mystérieux homme souffrant du syndrome des os de verre Elijah Price suscite à nouveau l’intérêt des forces de l’ordre en affirmant détenir des informations capitales sur les deux hommes…

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Glass has no spider webs wtf ? whats this tentacles? that has nothing to do with Glass !!!


How about y’all watch instead of judging the movie, cause there still working on it


무슨영화인데 이렇게 뷰가 많지.


WoW. Amazing i want to be like this ߘߘߘߑߑߑ


The background music seems like a oppressed version of Infinity War Trailer music.


Fenerbahçe will be played without a matchmaker\n






Number 1 on trending in Australia guys!


1:59 копиравка Гарри Поттера и даров смерти 1


Awesome Trailer! I am gonna watch this movie!


No carnage in the trailer. Come on seriously?


Yorumlarda Türk arıyan +1


Is he a here or villian


Just boring


Is this movie is come in hindi ??


Iron man vs spider man\n\nObviously , Spider-Man!


Я пидорас


Ya...spiderman was the first host Glass had so....where is parker at




Kto Polska :P ?


Why NB3 is in this movie ?


Glass looks so badass


How can you have a Glass origin story without Spider-Man? It's madness!


1:50 nipple


Is it considered a threesome if he bangs his wife ?






Where is spiderman?


28k people like DC comics


stupid movie, cant make him look like that or have a movie without spider-man first. what the fk.


I loved Glass in Spider-Man 3






omfg so cool


I don't get the story is just like marvels is making a version of suicide squad beginning with Glass haha




When a Gn3 smurfs in silver


Can’t wait for the movie


We can do whatever we want... Do we have a deal ??\n\nI love that part


So cool


It’s like A All new Spider Man


“We are Glass” replayed that at least 10 times




Spiderman's fucked


Another deadpool?


#WeAreGlass ߘߘ




So where did that tongue go? In the mouth like every gross horror movies or used it to stab the eye to the brain


Spiderman needs to clean this mess again

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