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I lost count how many times i watched the 2:19 partߘ


Mi villano favorito.ߒߒߒߑ✌ߑ\n#5 en tendencia en video en colombia\nߒߒ❤


It’s honestly horrible, vocals are amusing and Spider-Man 3 has better graphics for Vice. Tom hardy? more like Tom hardly.


türkler nerede


Нуууу, не хуёвенько так)))


This should've been a horror movie.


Great man.......


He should have said we are Vice !


New Fortnite Skin Anybody????




Örümcek Adamsız wenom filmi olmaz !


Iratkozz fel,és akkor én is!


Хуета, а не трейлер.


Kodak Black??


I am Vice


2:18 he's in boys he did it he said it airhorn


Is spider man going to be in the Vice movie and is Vice going to have the same powers like spider man


We are Vice!! \nI love that line.


Finally a good series Disney is producing. Can't wait till carnage comes in


can Carnage be next please?


let me guess: the actually Vice in full costume will have about 5 minutes of screen time.\nbecause they want to show the actor's face.


El soundtrack de fondo es el de avengers infinity war


Is this the sequel to that Life movie


Are they ditching his logo?


It looks nice, but I hope that it will not be a Tom Hardy centric movie. You know what I mean: when I walk into the theatre and sit down with my popcorn, it is because I want to see Vice. Vice. Not Tom Hardy with a motorcycle or killing his enemies with tentacles. I know it is just a trailer and that they cannot show us “ too much Vice ” but I hope that Vice will be the movie protagonist. Not Tom Hardy.


1 Tendencias Mexicanas ߖ


2nd on Turkey. Awesome!


Okay this movie looks cool NOW, the first trailer was literally nothing special, I’d wanna see this


This looks terrible. The trailer looks like typical action movie from Bollywood while the sfx 2:20-2:26 is laughable.


Does anyone else find the mouth movement of Vice bad


The CGI looks really bad actually


WE ARE Vice!


Edgy af


Hollywood, please just stop it already!


I'm on the fence on this one and Vice is one of my favorite Marvel characters.ߘ


Is this Vice is black spiderman


Anybody can imagine Tom Holland going against the Vice portrayed in this trailer?? Lmao He'd get wrecked so badly. Btw, I don't even hate him as Spiderman, so I'm not even biased but just look at his reaction time at 1:38. It's freakin insane. Not to mention the fact that he can create MULTIPLE tentacles AT ONCE. HOW WOULD TOM BEAT HIM??! It would be interesting to see Tobey face off against this one, even Andrew's. However, I think Tobey would provide the more interesting fight sequence.


What if spider man comes out of random that will be asome


So they've completely changed Vice's backstory, there's suppose to be fantastic 4 and spider man...


Can we get a Carnage movie soon


#4 tendencia Perú


No sure if this is an antihero movie or a horror movie-_-


Is the symbiote in his body


I dont like superhero movies but this looks good ߑߏ


Vice needs bigger eyes!


awesome hell....


Still, though. Hyped!


We..... are Vice..... and we are here to fulfill Ras Al Ghul's desti- whoops. wrong movie quote


To everyone questioning who voices Vice it's Tom Hardy.


Why would we do that?

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