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Tbh I cant wait to watch Vice




Looks like the Prototype


Oh, yeess! Givey! Givey!


That movie doesn't look that bad




#1 in Canada




i'll definitely give it a chance!


Youtube на столько отстой что в русские тренды кидает американское видео , это надо уметь


Where is the swinging like spidey


1 место в трендах в России


Not used to this Vice.. doesn’t have webs or anything like the old Spider-Man


Why are they making Vice seem like a good guy??? Like isn’t he supposed to be a bad one???


Français êtes vous la


\"We Are Vice\" :n.........................


I am too excited. He's perfect for this role!


This actually looks pretty good but movie's have failed, soo we'll see.




1 Tendencia en argentina


I cant wait!


\"WE ARE Vice\"


2 in Spain


Is the Avengers music a coincidence?


Alguien habla en español??




Trending on #3 in INDIA


Dont let this distract you from the fact that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead


Tom Hardy as the lead in a Marvel film? I need to see this immediately\n\nAlso, that last scene was just tantalizing




cry face topher grace


I came


Oooooooh may goddddd


So are they retcon-ing the whole spiderman was original host plot? wasn't Vice's powers tied to spiderman's abilities?


i hope he's evil ..


im going to the store anyone want anything?


HELIX ...?


The CGI is Spawn bad. Please delete this from existence.


Where is Carnage, we need him


#1 México :v


...And now Vice and Spiderman are going to fight for the love of Ironman :P


Why are there so many Russians here


...Do you feel in charge?


VenonExtreme o seu filme


ehhhhhhhh....not feeling it


Well dayum




This looks a lot like the anime Parasyte, and by that I mean it looks dope


I think it looks really dumb


Amazing!!! Millions of times much better than the teaser, I can't wait to see it!

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