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This looks better than Sam raimi's


this looks terrible


I'm hooked!


О хуеть!


mana suara indonesia!!!


\"Sim-bi-yote\"? ah come on


Seems cool, but he looks like Deadpool, not a hero, but not an evil guy. So It is a bit dofferent from the original Vice character


Woop woop


This movie looks absolutely amazing, I love how he transforms himself into Vice at the end!!!! This is going to be good!!!!


Луцк если ждешь эту годноту


Ну и видок у него атпад!


Wow ....Awesome trailer....ߑߑߑ


Somente o miranha pode derrotá-lo


Clap ߑ clap clap I cannot believe I’m saying this great job Sony


the pronunciation of SYMBIOTE has me trigger


Trending#6 in Japan


No spiderman = not Vice


как перестать дрочить на это?


Seems disappointing to me, Best of luck fanboys hyping this up as well.


Is Vice a vigilante?


Ok Sony, you had my curiosity but now you have my attention


Prototype the movie coming soon...


I don't looks whatever to me. I guess I'll see it, but I'm not really feeling it.


i think this is the blackspiderman LOL




Finally, something similar to Spawn....well kinda. the anti-hero movies need to be more frequent.


Ummm hmmmm umm care level umm maybe 2 hmm (looks around) kool


i think sam raimis version looks better, i know the cgi is complete yet but idk i just like the look of the older Vice


It looks like a good story. I did like the original story better though. Where he hated Peter Parker and became his greatest villain.


Where is spiderman


I like the trailer but don't like that Vice's tendrils form outside of his clothes first, would make more sense if it came from his skin, leaving holes in his clothes


1 top in Russia


sbe oebys?


\"We... are Vice\"


Looking good!!


This looks absolute trash and i collect Vice comics.


Video: we are Vice\n\nMe: I felt so happy




October are u kidding me?!




Theres some perfect CGI mahn




simply WOW!!


But we are grout ߘߘߘߘߘ


in association, well thats a good ssign for sony marvel stuff


А что Титов?


Prototype = the movie


Ya vi el tráiler Sami.


I go to the Vice


So a Vice movie w/o spiderman?

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