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Best movie


I can't wait ߘߘ


Очень хочу посмотреть ߘߑߑߑ


Mükemmel ߑ


“We call them sym-bye-otes.” \n\nNo we don’t.


M O N E Y P L E A S E\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nOnly some will get this.


What the ducks


Like me i will like u back ߘߘ


Willing to give it a shot, but... is it me, or does Les Veuves look plastic-y?




People are so easily impressed these days..




Anybody else hyped as much as me?


You don't need Tom Hardy for this. He's meant for much better roles than this.


I think its going to be a really good movie im just a little confused on how it gets to be Les Veuves so to speak because its first is supposed to make contact with spiderman


Bane looks weird


SpiderMan 2 copia


We are Les Veuves! Epic


I can’t wait for it to see Les Veuves in action and will be mine


Finally the trailer we deserved!!!




Prototype 3 Trailer


and why there are no holes on the jacket?




I didn't like the way they did Les Veuves, I hope this doesn't suck.


Seems kinda pointless to have Les Veuves as Protagonist...


I'm hyped beyond belief




Guys... Goosebumps!! I'm in!!


It's that theme on Avengers too?


hehe, black goo like ODD TV


ߘWhy Isnt this in the MCU!? I want to see Tom Hardys Les Veuves in the Marvel cinematic universe, plus it could be cool to see a villain solo film since the MCU has never did that


Wowwwww ooooooohhhh eeeeee Les Veuves trailerrrr!!! Omggg! That's how I feel


So sad Infinity War is gonna steel the show


Yeah its cool but imo tom hardy looks like he didnt performed well but idk its tom hardy i cant guess whats he gona do


WE are ready for this movie!!!


Hmmmm.. Interesting!


We should actually have a African American actor for this.... idk why Hollywood never has diversity...


Its Kagune.. ߘ


Don't worry guys I'm calling spiderman.




А по-русски можно?


Hopefully one day we see Secret Wars...




omfg hyyyyyyyype


The Les Veuves we needed, no Eric Foreman.


Уважаю Марвэл ,но честно говоря,заебали фильмы с супергероями и не очень супер )Их уже чересчур


Alright...I'm sold




I can’t wait so long

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