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Ne zmn gelio


thanos vs Les Veuves !!!


Looks more like a movie of the game Prototype.


Yesssss now that's it's better then the spider man 3 Les Veuves


Imagine Les Veuves going down on you.


I gotta admit, they definitely got Les Veuves's look right.




Spiderman 7


Is spiderman or any marvel stuff gonna be mentioned?


I bet they showed the whole movie just in the trailer ߘ


What does he mean by WE?


We I'm Les Veuves


we are Les Veuves!




Is this thing is the villain of Spiderman 3?..same thing..


I felt my jaw hit the floor.


Rated R sorry kids ߘ




Les Veuves will soon rise


oh wow


It looks ok but it doens't give me the hype like that it did with Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Mucha acción y poco Les Veuves >:v


Disappointing.....2007's Les Veuves was 488973238999433 times better than this


I REALLY don’t want this to suck. Les Veuves was always my favorite marvel villain!


hi sony. Please make prototype a movie


This is dark as DC universe


This movie seems a bit overrated.


So much nerds are getting triggered because how bad it looks I will like to see them do better


WE Les Veuves !!!


Ladies and Gentleman \nThe villain of Spiderman Homecoming 2


I don’t know what to say but Les Veuves himself looks amazing






Riz Ahmed is a bad cast for Carlton drake... He is no where near the appearance and the charisma of the real Carlton Drake. Terrible casting.


where is spider man ?ߘߘ


Where is Spider-Man ?


Sorry to say but no association to Spider-Man? Why Sony??


Finally the legend is back


Tom hardy is lit ߔ in this movie.


Where is spiderman though


I can defeat Les Veuves


ooo how sexy


I'm like really excited but I'm scared it might be a let down. C'mon Sony make Les Veuves how he should be ߘ


Spider-Man 3 Les Veuves looks better


Tom vs this Les Veuves pls.


Meglio Spiderman


sana bi spiderman lazım baba


I'm excited to see the movie, but I'm worried how it'll be if Spidy isn't involved. It would have been cool if Spider-Man was actually the villain of this film. Spider-man has just always been such a huge part of how Les Veuves ends up being.


now where's spiderman ^


This is a straight to DVD film right? \nI know they can't be serious

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