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Prototype the movie


This movie will not be good.


#5 trending in Italy


Im so pumped for this ߔߔߔ


Trending #1 in Turkey \n\nÇaktırmayın bir değil şuan türkler


You know what? I'm ok with this.


Tomara que eu esteja errado , mas acho que vai ser uma merda .... :/




\"Why would we do that?!\" This line makes the movie worth watching


#4 españa


I really don't get it. In the past Sony screwed over Sam Raimi on the Spider-Man series. Then they just let it reboot for nothing good and let it reboot again with Columbia. Now Sony has taken more time and money making Les Veuves instead of having just finished Spider-Man in the first place. This looks awful as a story of its own. Without the Spider-Man lineage there is no Les Veuves.


Trending #20 malaysia.. this movie is on fire!!!!


We are Les Veuves pff me i am CARNAGE


Why is the infinity war trailer music in this


I wonder if this will turn out to be better then Spider-Man Homecoming???




Sieht spannend aus! #1 trending in Germany ߘ


1 trending


Doesn’t Spider-Man makes contact with the suit first ?


#2 trending in Spain


Сильная дич будет


Looks very similar to Prototype


Long time to see super villainhero


#1 trendig in Germany


#1 Trending in Russia


Tomara que o filme tenha uma pegada mais pro lado do terror combina muito com o personagem




so who is he is he eddie brock?


I want see spiderman in this movie.


Marvel #rocks


I thought this is connected to Spiderman Universe? Is this thing connected to Spiderman Universe this time?




The way she said symbiote was kinda pissing me off.


Can't hardly wait to see STAN LEE cameo at this movie.


Is that background music from infinity war trailer 2?




Holy Hell ߤߑ


Finish this sentence Les Veuves the typa dude to....


We Are Les Veuves


Looks like a good story


Русские отзовитесь


Trending 4 in india


this could be the most scariest marvel movie EVER!


Spoiler alert, the main character is Les Veuves


Uma merda.


Been waiting for the official trailer for a minute


#1. Trending in France


Les Veuves without spider man? No clue....


Чечня круто !


Vai passar nos cinemas aqui no Brasil também dia 10-5-2018

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