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Please be a good movie... Please.....


oh boy


damnnm cant wait


I really want to see mcu spidey vs this Vernon




Finally a proper trailer


#WeAreLes Veuves


Omg 2:17-2:24 ߘ


1вый в трендах России


11 millions de vues !




WE....ARE...Les Veuves....


What’s the name of this song? I heard it’s from The Marvels Avengers


hmmmm ߤ I wonder will Carnage get his own movie next lol


can’t wait




Comics: Les Veuves is a symbiote from a distant planet(Avengers Secret Wars) that disguised itself as Spiderman’s new suit to then slowly steal his life force before Peter separates itself and attaches to a not so great journalist Eddie Brock who blames Spider-Man for his downfall.\nSony: HUMAN experiments from an alien that crashed here.


Something is off with Michelle William's face...


Tão dark..\nSerá que este filme não é do universo da DC?


This trailer kind of have the full story in it


Wow! Yeah! Les Veuves!


C ve chido =v




Let's start something....I hear the avengers infinity war 2 trailer theme.....its confirmed and you can't deny it, you're just going to have to get used to it, Les Veuves is part of the MCU now.


Blind fanboy n00b post all over this string. Les Veuves may be receiving a decent Eddy Brock personality retcon but the CGI on Les Veuves's face is ultimately a fail. It's more of mask than a face. If Les Veuves is taking over Eddy in short bursts (think BB to Hulk) then the eyes should be eyes, not blank staring lenses. \n\nSony is going to wreck this character and confuse a whole generation to this character's long history. And no, not his origin from Secret Wars but the many many great written stories since Eddy Brock's first incarnation of Les Veuves. \n\nThis may be a solid movie especially with Hardy as a better Brock than comic form but this is ALMOST Les Veuves in name only.


I hope this makes it in the next spiderman movie


Avengers infinity war bgm is present in this




Trending at 3 in India


Tomhardy ߘ


what that tongue do


We are Les Veuves


FINALLY WE SAW Les Veuves!!!!!!


Yet Les Veuves cant have these features without first merging with the spiderman suit and Peter's body!?ߤ


lame af


Now that's how u weave action into a storyline.. interesting .. \n\nprobably the first solo villain movie from Marvel. very interesting.. Or was it Deadpool now ?\n\nanyways the action has been taken to the next level .. shud make an awesome movie experience


I mean I had my issues at first but looks great know


2:20 thumbnail


\"DO WE HAVE A DEAL?\" Thinks about childhood bullies, Donald Trump, Nazi's, The mortgage, Bank Vaults and How awful Nickelback is.... \"Yes Les Veuves we have a deal.\"


ߔߔߔ#1 Trending in All Worldߔߔߔ


Please don't pronounce symbiote like that


The bgm is somewhat same as AVENGERS INFINITY WARߤ


#1 Trending in the Batcave ߖ


надеюсь реальный сюжет будет интереснее чем трейлер ,ибо увиденное слишком банально и пахнет тупым графонием без сюжета


Am I the only one who hears the theme for the 2nd Infinity war trailer in this ?ߤߏ‍♂️ߘ


Loved it


Nada nuevo...


antihero is the new hero


#1 trending in Brasil ߔ


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