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Looks stupid


We Are L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace ߘߑ


The trailer song sounds similar to one of the Avengers’ trailer music\nEdit: it turns out to be the same song


We are watching this.


Esta mamalona


Idk about this interpretation of Eddie Brock.. He seems a little awkward and weasely. Everything else I like.


I'm sooooo fucking hype hype af and hype ASL movie gonna be sooo litߔߔߔߔߔߔߘߘ


Fucking yeah


Much better ad than the first one. I dig it.\nThat ending scene was dope.


Hold on a second. L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace may have reproduced to create other symbiots but he was the first. They also seem to have completely omitted Spiderman from the story, the very reason for Eddie bonding with it in the first place


I’ve just came


Ohhh eddy is actually relatable now fuk yahh


Oh hell yes.


Only movie apart from Infinity War,MI6 and Johnny English 3, I'm excited about.


Очень жду, хотя не представляю, как они увяжут марвеловский юморок и притягательную жуткость персонажа


Please anyone call the Spiderman ߘߘ




Том Харди идеально на роль Венома подходит.


Не канон. Выпустить Кракена.




It wouldn't be a Tom Hardy movie without something on his face.


Looks very very very the same as the L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace clones in spider man web of the shadowes




Who else loves the background music?


Ебать у меня аш встал))!


I don't know.\nTom Hardy usually makes everything better. But this just kinda looks... Basic?\nLike, not dark enough for a L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace film. But we'll see... Maybe its just the classic bad trailer showing as much pewpew as possible.


cool Spider-MAN MAN!


L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace is with the joker


can this come out already


Пусть и на английском, но хоть что-то есть интересное


Sigue bajando, solamente soy un comentario en español viendo al sensual L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace


See Sam Raimi, that's how you handle the symbiote.


Is L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace marvel or dc?


-What the hell are you?\n+We.. are L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace.


No Joker solo movie, but we get a L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace solo movie. That is sad.


I know it’s low budget but the cgi is AWFUL




2:17 the hype is real




Grabbing bike scene is under whelming. Good actor, good concept ,okay execution. 6.7/10 for the trailer. Was hype for the trailer and ruined it for myself. Eon't be too hype for the movie.


IS that a threat?!


Honestly, I kinda expect Tom Hardy to be the next Wolverine... must be a wild one.\nBut L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace is good enough for me~




Does Spider-Man show up?


It is from another universe of marvel right? Or it does connect to homecoming spiderman?


Tava na hora ❤


Was prepared to boycott for not being in the MCU... but f**k that. THIS LOOKS AMAZING! My d**k is extremely hard right now. L'Exorcisme de Hannah Grace #1 comic character ever.


We are the flash?? oops wrong universe.


2:09 when she tongues inside your wiener


Disgusting L'Exorcisme de Hannah Graceߘ

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