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La vie est devenue un numéro d'équilibriste pour Adonis Creed. Entre ses obligations personnelles et son entraînement pour son prochain grand match, il est à la croisée des chemins. Et l'enjeu du combat est d'autant plus élevé que son rival est lié au passé de sa famille. Mais il peut compter sur la présence de Rocky Balboa à ses côtés : avec lui, il comprendra ce qui vaut la peine de se battre et découvrira qu'il n'y a rien de plus important que les valeurs familiales.

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\"i don know.\" \"Why would we do that?\"


We are #Creed II


Marvel never disappoints \nߑߑߑߑߑ


Why will they let song ruin another marvel character


Well the human is a good human while Creed II tries to turn him evil\n\nCompared to carnage \nWho both symbiote and human are evil


WE ARE Creed IIߔ




I love that he's stand alone, no Spider-Man. Just focusing on the complexity of the character and the brutal beauty that is Creed II. \n\nTodd McFarlands contributions to this character makes him my kind of comic book character. And these new ways of telling stories, not just reapeting the comics? YES PLZ!\n\n If you want it exactly like the original, they already exist. Time for something new. \n\nTime for Creed II.




thank you sony\nIch verlose2 JBL Flip boxen und 10000vbucks und mein Clash Royale acc 5legends


Trailer looks lit, but I hope the movie never disappoints


Looks meh, was really hoping for him to be a villain, but were forgetting this is Sony




me parece perfecto ߑ


Looks kinda cheesy


We are Groot


That's what I motherf***ing talking about


Naruto > Marvel


We are Creed II :))


He is from Spider man ?


This nigga looks comic accurate


theis black ink black mostor




Is carnage in dis movie ?


Finally Creed II in Creed II movie


No is real por y esߘߘߑߑߑ?


So good movie lam in Indonesia nunggu film liris #WE_ARE_Creed II#


Well “WE” will see✊ߏ


Fucking Tom hardy was an amazing pick for this




Oha lan


WE ARE . ..Creed II ߘ


It's a stupid's action is over top and completely deviates from the character's original conception,,,still that boss at the end




ߤ mm No sé por qué no me emocioné al ver este avance. ߤߏ‍♂️


Do u guys hear that Avengers: Infinity War Trailer 2 Song can be heard on this trailer?


#3 Trending in india߇߇






Do they know that Creed II's look is Spider-Man's look? Creed II was with Spidey first and took his abilities of crawling and swinging and look with white triangle eyes and a spider on the chest. Sony movie universe is already fucked up.






Creed II < Emoji Movie 2


1 this trailer music sounds similar to the infinity war one and 2 are agent Creed II and Creed II the same ppl or not


Alguien Spanis?\n\nPD después de 2 Tráilers por fin podemos ver al verdadero Creed II


Por que não rasga a camisa dele quando ele utiliza as \"teias\"? Tipo, ele atacou com as costas e com a barriga, aí parece que o poder passa de dentro da roupa. Mas não rasga a roupa. Achei esquisito




Looks atrocious. Unsurprisingly.

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