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I think I'm going to cry so scary


Who would be Creed II against to??..avengers??




Is it me? Or is the Creed II CGI a little wack?


El nuevo hombre araña


His condition similar like Hulk and finally SHIELD take him maybeߘ


Oh, this is actually legit... thought it was a fan made thing...


Yea.... Really off the mark


looking forward to see more


2:20 now thats what im fucking talkin about!!!


I love how Creed II counts tom in the team so he says “we”


The same OST as Infinity War trailer? lol




Sym bye oat ?. Tf


Trailer has been cutted pretty well


“Why did we do that?!” Lol


Nothing to say




Eu tenho a impressão que ess filme vai ser MUITO RUIM


1:01 They found the Simba ote


You could say he’s addicted to Creed II in both universes hes in


Бред, по моему симбионт, работает как костюм, а тут он вживлен в организм


Here before a MILLION


I thought it was sym BEE ote not sym BI ote


the best part of Spiderman 1994 Season 1 is now a movie. considering the modern tendency in cinema, this one is going to be a Tsar Bomb explosion (in good sense of course).\nP.S. the scene where Creed II tortures Brock's girlfriend should be sweet.


This is like Homecoming for spiderman they are just introducing Creed II into the mcu. I'm sure this is not the final version of Creed II.


so..That was Prototype 3 Trailer Gameplay. Looks real


I was about to comment on the CG till I remembered how the symbiote can mimic clothing\nregardless, Creed II looks great!


I want to buy his clothes. So durable!!!






was expecting more of a bulky or built Creed II, hopefully he doesn't look like a guy in a leotard...or that horrible excuse of a Creed II in the Toby M film..




Now that's a trailer!


Can't wait!


Omg soooo cooooollll


2030 they'll give Carnage a movie


I got chills from the last part


I’m hyped


This Creed II looks way better than the one in spider man 3.




Did they change the origin of eddie becoming Creed II?


When will they ever make a carnage movie :(


Now where is the next \"Spider-Verse\" trailer?!


This better not be like Godzilla where we have a two and a half hour film and Creed II's only in it for like 15 minutes.


The hype is real. ITS. HAPPENING.




The trailer for the trailer, in the beginning, is so annoying :/


Far better than Spiderman


Topher grace was the real Creed II!

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